Seeing things from another perspective

Life has a way of giving you funny and endearing little surprises — and in the end, it’s really up to you to keep up. I am currently trapped in a whirlwind of pleasant surprises, ground breaking challenges, realizations and little blessings. Sometimes, I find it hard to keep up, but it’s the little blessings such as these that make me alive. Since yesterday, I stopped existing–I WAS TRULY ALIVE.

First, we go to the little blessings. As mentioned from previous post, I have been blessed with a Rockport Meja Chelsea Ankle Boots and I have been wearing it for two days straight now and seriously LOVING IT!

I now know the perspective of tall people, because you know — I was as tall as a mushroom stump, and at eighteen years old, I pretty much stopped growing. I stopped at flat 5 inches, the baby brother towering me and bullying me when possible. But when I am wearing my Chelsea–oh yeah, now we are talking! I no longer have to crane my neck just to talk to “A” my good friend who also models on the side. Maaaaan, my Chelsea was effing tall!

I was wearing them last Thursday…

On a meeting with my wedding coordination client, my friend "N"

What I am wearing: Long-sleeved shirt from Bayo, Knitted cover-ups/vests from London, catalogue-bought tights and my Rockport Meja Chelsea ankle boots

I love this picture!

Here’s my picture with the beautiful bride —

the beautiful bride: this woman is my inspiration when it comes to unwavering Faith

And just because I couldn’t resist…I wore it again the next day! (which is, today)

Thrifted long sleeves with faux vest, Jodhpur pants from The Landmark, knee high tights from The Landmark, Rockport Meja Chelsea ankle boots

Thanks to Chelsea, I became taller than half of my friends (yes, majority of us were on the “short” side), and almost the same height as The Hubby. I guess, it’s a given when you are wearing platform boots. Thing is, it’s not hard to navigate or walk in these boots even if you had to walk around a lot. Been doing that for two days and I have yet to feel the familiar pinch and pain that I usually feel when wearing heeled shoes–it’s that comfortable! The insides were cushioned, protecting your heel and toe from the impact caused by walking constantly. I had to be extra cautious though when walking through wave tiled pavement — it can be a bit tricky as the sole doesn’t grip as much as we hoped on the wet tiled floor.

Nonetheless, I have been earning nods of approval, encouraging words, praises and even threats of amputation (they wanted to get the shoes without much effort, I guess). The weird thing is–remember the quote on “shoes can make you feel like a million dollars?”. Well, it’s true. For two days now, I feel like I have won the PHP724M lotto prize due to the compliments I’ve gotten courtesy of my shoes. It added that extra oomph, extra stride, extra beat and confidence in each and every step.

Another thing that gives me a fresh perspective on things is the “good news” that I will share with this blog as soon as it is appropriate. I now believe in the power of answered prayers and that the Lord has a way of giving you what you truly and earnestly desire. I guess it’s the question of faith again…and on how patient you can be while waiting for little miracles along the way.

The prayers that I kept saying to HIM each and everyday was finally answered last Wednesday. At a time when the situation is dire–I was given a new lease of life. Now, I have stopped being affected by the negative things that is happening around me. I have stopped listening to the negativity, the chaos that pervades my everyday weekend life. I have been truly blessed since Wednesday and I wanted to keep this calm within me until the year ends, and I start my new life.

There’s a lot on my plate right now: the current job, awaiting the blessing, as well as planning for N’s wedding which will happen this Sunday. I still have a lot to finish for N but I am excited and elated to be part of the most important day in her life.

I am a lucky girl, I know. And for all of these, I am lifting it up to Him.

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