Heaven is a gray-colored shoebox

Somewhere in Heaven, the Shoe Gods might have looked in their mirror and accidentally saw me traipsing in my boots and decided to smile on me.

Because one day, this arrived in the mail:

i wonder what's inside?

Of course, I couldn’t resist taking a peak and this is what I saw:

I almost cried when I saw the gray box...


Rockport Meja Chelsea Ankle Boots = Luuuuurv!
ain't she stunning?

Quite honestly, I never owned something as exquisite as these Rockport Meja Chelsea Ankle Boots. It’s just so beautiful and kick-ass at the same time! Thank you Rockport and Thank you Rochelle for hooking me up with these.

Considered the “It” shoes this season, featuring a unique combination of clog and ankle boots features, punctuated with stud decor and ankle platform. It simply reeks of sophistication while not missing on the street cred. It’s just so pretty. Quite honestly, I don’t expect myself to own something as edgy and precious as these babies.

I can almost hear my old Rockports heave a sigh of relief, and cry a little at the same time. I have been with those shoes in most of the trying moments of my life. More than giving me street cred (in just everything I wear) — my old Rockport went through everything: the crazy Manila moonsoon rains, the hottest summer, a trip to muddy Divisoria, a trek during All Saints Day…it carried me on some of the best places, and has been part of quite a number of memories. Simply put, it was my shoe of choice for every opportunity. Especially for moments when I needed shoes that would make me look fashionable while being comfortable at the same time.

I guess, I didn’t told you how sensitive my feet was, especially when wearing closed shoes and walking all over darned Manila. I had the tiniest feet (size 5….4.5 on worse days), which carried and supported a slightly overweight body. Walking around in ill-fitting shoes is enough to kill all my remaining sense of decorum and poise, not to mention lose all believable description of sanity. I have been known to throw tantrums, cry, get into a fight with cabbies and even go all cross with The Hubby when I am wearing ill-fitting shoes–NO MATTER HOW CUTE OR AMAZING THEY MAYBE.

But old Rockie? (that’s my old Rockport) — he was the best. I could wear him with anything and carry him anywhere and yet, my feet didn’t hurt one inch. I was that in love with him — that my Hubby even asked before why I kept wearing just one pair of shoes. Unfortunately, the constant use has taken its toll on Rockie. The laces were already frayed and the bottom part was scuffed and a bit of the bottom part was starting to peel. Let’s just say that after battling three major typhoons, hundreds of bad rains and every inch of sh*t in this city, it’s about time to retire old Rockie.

So I am looking forward to testing my new Rockport boots. I am planning to wear them tomorrow but I gotta come up with something really crazy to wear. Cos you know me, I won’t waste an exquisitely beautiful pair of boots for just some boring outfit. No ma’am — I’d be rocking this outfit, hell yeah! Me and Chelsea!

* product provided by Rockport USA

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