And I felt my heart cave in

I’m sorry I can’t offer you anything new today. I am currently in a deep funk that no amount of fan girling or brand new clothes or shoes can even cure, I don’t know if its due to another year closing, or being thrust with a future that seems to be going nowhere. I have been feeling this way for sometime now–and I feel more pressured than ever to do something with my life.

Don’t you wish sometimes that you can be contented? I wish I could be. If only life could just be about cute and yummy idols, clothes that would always fit and shoes that would remain in pristine condition. But life–being the bummer and downer that it is–most likely, it will entice you with great new shoes made of suede and leather–then gift you with torrential rains just when you are werrrking it outside.

I wish I could tell you something great, even just for today. But my heart’s all worked up and I feel my chest caving in. So, I leave you with this–with hopes that this will cure your hurting (if you are)…and will make you smile with bitter sweet memories…

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