Harry Potter 7: Preparing myself for the long goodbye

If you are a big Harry Potter fan like me, it is in all likely hood that you finally saw the first part of the final installment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Like me, probably you have mourned the characters who all perished in just the short 2 and 1/2 hours onscreen, especially the last one which I will refuse to name for the benefit of those who have yet to watch the movie. Like me, you also wondered (hopefully, not aloud) how the three protagonists grew up right in front of your eyes (and yes, grew up and grew old with all of us). Maybe you became a bit wistful on the fact that Harry Potter (the round eyed little munchkin in The Sorcerer’s Stone) now sports a stubble and a 5 o clock shadow and is quite the hot young man for scenes where he is shirtless.

If you are really not a fan of the book, but appreciated the movie to look forward to it — and you see the girl sitting next to you smiling to herself, maybe even muttering or worse, holding back the tears especially on crucial scenes, kindly understand.

This is the beginning of the end for us.

For one, the movie we have seen is no longer the magical, feel-good movie where we come out of the cinemas reciting our versions of “alohomora”, “expelliarmus” and “stupefy” convinced that we are all from Gryffindor. This movie is dark, heavy and clearly no longer for wide-eyed kids hoping to see a happy ending.

This movie is gritty, dark and heavy. You will feel the danger they face in each and every step. If you expect this to be a feel-good movie, then you are mistaken.

Like any other film adaptation, there are scenes from the book which you won’t see in the movie. Some key scenes will be presented to you in a fast, concise manner that can either leave you wanting for more, or thankful for the fact that your favorite “book scene” made it in the film. I am also thankful that I finally saw Bill Weasley! Who, as expected, is hot and had the “Weasley charm” all set.

Sitting here, I am already anticipating the 2nd part of the movie, which will be shown on July 15, 2011. I am quite anxious already — knowing that the movie will show the climax and the end of a very beautiful and meaningful franchise. I also know that the movie will also OFFICIALLY end. No more Harry, Hermione and Ron–and Snape!–on the big screen.

I am thinking that does this mean that with end of Harry Potter, I am also officially saying goodbye to my youth. The movie franchise began more than 10 years ago–the same time I was starting to test the crazy, maddening world of grown-ups. From the first movie and now to the last, Harry has kindly invited me and the rest of its avid readers to a world that only exists in dreams. With the franchise coming to a close–this also heralds a trip back to the unforgiving reality.

5 Replies to “Harry Potter 7: Preparing myself for the long goodbye”

  1. These are the days when I wish I had a fellow potter-head with me to talk about these things! And even if it’s not potter related, i’d still want you around so that I can talk to someone here at work na fellow fangirl haha!

    I want to write about hp7 as well but I just can’t find the words (or the time) yet. Wasn’t it such a wonderful movie? Naantig ang puso ko actually. It really helped that they’re no longer at Hogwarts that you’ll feel even more for them…no more teachers, or family or friends to protect them. They have each other and that’s it.

    I can’t wait for the part 2. I bet that’ll be even more emotional. I heard they’re going to do the epilogue scenes…but won’t use older actors. It’ll still be them but they’ll do a “benjamin button” on the cast. Pretty cool huh?

    ps: I really loved that scene when Harry and Hermione danced to a Nick Cave song…such a touching moment…and then Hermione goes back to being depressed when the song ended. *stab me in the heart why dont you?!*

    1. I really don’t know what to feel or expect now it’s OFFICIAL that Harry Potter is ending. We grew up to Harry Potter and now that it’s a countdown to the 2nd part — we do know that the end is quite near for the franchise

      Daniel Radcliffe is soooo…gwapo 🙂 Can’t believe I first saw him as a kid. And Bill Weasley? Girl, I have a new character to watch out for! (Trivia: The guy who played Bill is the son of the guy who played Mad Eye Moody).

  2. I actually feel a bit ashamed that I’ve had a crush on Daniel Radcliffe even as an 11 year old…and I was what?…already working at the time! He could’ve been my baby brother for crying out loud! But yeah he is gwapo….and I love the fact that he’s kinda geeky and quirky and awkward.

    Korek, Bill Weasley looks pretty good too. My sister did notice that they had the same last name (with Brendan Gleeson)…that’s pretty awesome. I’m sure all he had to do was ask his dad..but I guess it helped that he did look like a Weasley. =)

    Oh, check out Dan’s recent appearance on The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror episode. (their halloween ep) My sis just downloaded it last night. They spoofed Twilight and he played a vampire named “Edmund” who saved Lisa from an out of control school bus and fell in love with her. Sooo funny!

    1. Hahaha! If I am not mistaken, Bill Weasley’s name is Domnhall (?) and he almost said no to HP7 cos he didnt want to work with his dad.
      I need to look up that “Edmund” thing cos it’s just so funny. Still got HP7 hangover and I am silently casting a hex/spell on the annoying wrenches here in the office
      Too bad–it’s not working.
      PS. I also loved the scene where Harry and Hermione was dancing. Will be looking for that song cos it was just so….sad and beautiful at the same time (and I feel a million stabs on my chest once again)

  3. “Wasn’t it such a wonderful movie? Naantig ang puso ko actually. It really helped that they’re no longer at Hogwarts that you’ll feel even more for them…no more teachers, or family or friends to protect them. They have each other and that’s it.”
    Can more?

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