Friday Fangirling: Arashi for Duet Magazine (Dec 2010)

Fan-girls of the world, rejoice! especially those the patronize the testosterone goodies from the Jimusho variety, Duet Magazine’s December 2010 issue is a choke full of fine boy, Janizu goodness, filled with our favorite eye candies, boy toys and pretty boy fixations — enough to rid the world of hate and just fill it with syrupy sweet goodness.

This will be a PICTURE HEAVY POST, so please bear with me. And besides who would want to read the words, when you are faced with so much beauty (and well-chiseled mugs and perfectly teased (and colored and waxed and treated) hair.

By the way, all pictures courtesy of online Japanese magazine source,

On the cover, the hottest boys of JPop!

Duet Magazine, 2010 December issue

And inside:

So while I leave you ogling these boys as they lounge around (or at least try to) in their pajamas, I move on to the very reason for the insane fandom madness.

I love you....gaaaaaaah!!! (*runs away screaming*)

The magazine has a lot more Johnny goodness…and obviously, I won’t be putting it here. Well, maybe except for this guy who, I think is the most underrated yet one of the most talented actors (Johnny or non-Johnny) from my homeland. This guy deserves all the breaks he’s currently getting and he freaking deserves more!

Girls, the lovely and often breath-takingIkuta Toma:

Have a great Friday, everyone!

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