Of sisterhood and random photoshoots

Of all the things that bring the element of sweetness to the usual payday–one of the highlights for me is the little ritual I share with my little sister, my Unniechan (a portmanteau of the Korean and Japanese word for sister Uhn-nee and Onee chan ). My sister is 3 years younger than me, but eons of years older when it comes to maturity, sophistication and financial status (cos she earns freaking loads more as administrator for a private org, yours truly is a writer).

But the seeming success of my baby sister was never an issue between us. I take pride with her accomplishments in just 27 years, while she basks in having an edgy, cool elder sister who brings in the exciting level of craziness and excitement in her otherwise stuffy, grown-up world.

Anyway, my sister and I were polar opposites from each other. Maybe, save for our physical appearance, we are as similar as night and day. She dresses as if she is out to conquer the world, me–I am well-known for the crazy mix and match; and for wearing boots in the middle of Manila’s stuffy weather. Like any other sisters, we argue over a lot of things (she of practicality and maturity; me of coffee-flavored dreams and hazy pink glasses) but in a perfect world, this is just how I want it to be.

Anyway, one of our crazy little rituals is to eat out (and try restaurants we haven’t tried before) where we take turns treating each other out. Some times, The Hubby joins us — but most of the times, it’s just me and Unniechan chatting about shitty bosses, our miserable life as corporate slaves and her utmost wish for me to procreate and give her a little nephew or niece who she can bring to Greenbelt and dress in designer baby wear. For this pay period, we ate at our favorite haunt, Pepper Lunch. After dinner, we decided to walk towards Greenbelt 3 when I suddenly had this brilliant idea to pose against the newly installed Christmas lights cos I want to document my outfit which I pegged on one of the featured outfits on the October issue of my favorite fashion magazine, NYLON JAPAN.

I am so in-love with this peg (from Nylon Japan)

This is my version (please pardon my face and concentrate on my version of the peg). These pictures were courtesy of the Queen Unniechan who was laughing at my “immaturity”

in black and white.
What I'm wearing: A long-sleeved shirt from Marks & Spencer, trousers and belt from People Are People, brogues from Ichigo (bought from The Ramp), bag is from Agnes B (property of the Queen
trying to make my sister laugh. she did.

This is my next peg (also from Nylon):


My sister do find me and my fashion choices “edgy yet weird” but she tries to adapt some of my look sometimes, though she prefers to make them look “more mature” and “office appropriate”. There are times that I tried styling her based on my J-looks, but she isn’t exactly the best and most patient client out there.

This is why I love my sister so much. She is everything that I am not. She gives me perspective and maturity, not to mention support when times get shitty and crazy, even for someone like me. She finds my immaturity “funny” and I find her serious demeanor, “hilarious”. She has a way of understanding me the way only sisters could.

hamming it up on the camera with my "older" little sister

I told her to make herself look funny. This is what she did.

"kunwari, I am sticking my finger up my nose, ate!" ...Me: "you don't look like it"

She does look remotely funny.

If God will give me the opportunity to choose a new sister, I’d still choose her. Not because this blog is linked to hers, and she’d kill and hate me if I say, like for example, I’m choosing Yuri Ebihara for my sister instead — but because Unniechan has always been the person (save for The Hubby) who understands and accepts me the most–creepy fandom obsessions, weather inappropriate footwear and all.

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