I am not here.

My mind is millions of miles away, currently eating a bowl of ice kachang while feasting on mutton and beef satay:

from TravelPluto.com

A part of me wants to blame myself for not saving enough this year to make it for our usual November get-away…The Hubby and I. We have planned to go to SG (his first time) and see Universal Studios. But no thanks to the endless bills and the lack of extra budget, the great SG adventure had to take a backseat for a while. This has been particularly disappointing for me, especially since I am struck by wanderlust. Everyday I look oh so pathetically on different airfares offered by carriers, wondering when can I finally have the money to fund my SG treat with The Hubby. The sad thing is that everyday, I sit at the desk, trawling various sites and still no vacay in sight.

The lack of funds has pushed the SG adventure to May (maybe by my birthday). For the meantime, I effing need a break, the chance to get away from my insane life and crazy schedule.

Each day, I sit at the office. Yes, my physical self was there, going through the motions like those weird Androids from Japan — yet the real me was out somewhere, having the adventure of a lifetime.

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