Scar Issue

No thanks to a very active lifestyle, and the natural love for cats, I developed a very inconvenient rash on my left leg. The rash went on for days–torturing me with the nagging itch and the fact that my left leg was unbearable to look at due to the numerous angry red spots dotting a small square inch.

After a few days of deliberately ignoring the itch (and so that it will not develop to wounds), the irritation finally dried up and turned into ugly dark spots that is currently my bane of existence. As I probably mentioned, I loved wearing skirts and dresses–but the presence of these dark spots on my legs is bothering me so much, not to mention that I am not about to risk ridicule by strutting my stuff in uber cute dresses but sporting ugly spots on my leg (hello! dalmatian spots!)

The thought that my fashion sensibilities placed in jeopardy, no thanks to this abomination present in my leg is shitting me so much. I keep telling myself that yes, I can still wear my skirt and my little dresses, but I have to be wearing tights all the time. Hello! Stuffy Manila weather, yes? And besides, it’s quite a bummer to pee when you have a layer of tights and undies to peel off. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU REALLY HAVE TO GO! The depth of which my shallowness show amuse even myself sometimes.

And so, with this dilemma (rolls eyes) I proceeded to address the issue at hand — how to remove these ugly scars on my leg. So I can finally do the werking even minus the tights.

For a few weeks now, I have been looking for the perfect whitening product or oil which can reduce these dark spots or can even at least reduce scarring. While trawling through the internet, here’s what I learned from

– Rub aloe vera on the bites. Either fresh aloe vera from the stems or a store bought one will do. Aloe vera has natural anti-inflammatory properties and will help to soothe the area of the bite.

– Moisten your skin and rub an aspirin tablet over the bite. This helps to reduce any inflammation that could lead to scarring.

– A drop or two of tea tree oil applied directly to the bite will soothe the itching and help the bite to heal faster.

– To remove old insect bite scars, use Vitamin E oil and cocoa butter are often recommended and they do work quite well. Vitamin E oil and cocoa butter tend to work best when applied regularly to scars that are not very deep or dark.

I have raided my stash of beauty products and found none of the above mentioned products, well except for tea tree lotion. Could a tea tree lotion work in the stead of the tea tree oil? The curious cat in me would like to believe so. I’ll let you if these pesky insect bites and irritations are gone. Or maybe you have something more potent in mind which you can recommend?

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