What will you do if you are 370 million pesos richer?

What will you do if you win more than PHP370Million?

I am asking because the whole country is abuzz on 6/55 Lotto Numbers game, the prize money has reached to almost PHP375 million pesos during tonight’s draw and everyone is up in anticipation on who would be the lucky Filipino whose life will DRAMATICALLY and DRASTICALLY change overnight.

pic not my property (from http://www.melodyshop.nl)

Like millions of Filipinos, I test my luck and bet on a set of numbers which The Hubby and I have been placing bets on for as long as I can remember. Obviously, I haven’t won anything yet (oh wait, I won like PHP20 after I correctly guessed 4 numbers — Twenty EFFING pesos!!!). Due to the widespread poverty here in the Philippines where 30 or 40 years of slaving away in private companies will not guarantee you a comfortable life (ONLY a position you can brag about), many people have come to place their luck and their lives on those cute little balls…praying, hoping that the numbers formed will also herald the start of a better life.

I always tell myself that I don’t need hundreds of millions of pesos just to change my life and that of my family. One or two million is enough. But is it really? Cos not all people who got lucky with the numbers game ended with the fairy tale life they envisioned it to be after the big windfall.

Me, I came up with a list of the things I will do in the remote possibility that I suddenly wake up with extra 370 million pesos in my pocket. Of course, that’s aside from STAYING ALIVE cos I have a feeling that knowing that I am a super millionaire will cause my poor, overworked heart to short circuit and give out from sheer excitement.

1. I will give back to charity and the church
I know this is the kind of “crap” usually spewed so many times over that the jaded has learned to dismiss this “give back to charity claim” as pure baloney. But I have always dreamed of helping the senior citizens of “Golden Acres” — especially after I have seen their condition when I tagged along a celebrity’s birthday celebration which she opt to spend with the old men and women of Golden Acres. That remains my dream actually–and this, I wish to do even if I didn’t win the lotto–to build a facility or halfway home to house the forgotten and abused elderly. I have a heart of steel and I am a bitch, but there’s nothing like an sick and lonely elderly to break my barriers and all signs of pretense.

2. I will treat my office department and friends to Hongkong — air fare and hotel accoms paid for baby!

3. Are you kidding? Of course, I will shop like there’s no tomorrow! I will blow about a million for some great stuff for me and the rest of the family. But I will not buy hella expensive items like bags, shoes or even haute couture. I know a PHP500,000 bag is tempting if you can afford it–but what for? It’s still a bag, something to hold all your stuff. So, if you want to ask me why I will not spend half a million pesos for the much coveted bag, my answer is — I don’t see any point. I am happy with my Agnes B., Chinese Laundry, Marks & Spencer and Muji. I will leave the designer bags to those who can afford it and who has the need for it.

As for the clothes — I am happy with my current brands, though I will be glad to buy Lacoste and shop in Adora, Zara and Mango without computing in my head on how many days should I bring bento to work because I am now spending my budgeted lunch money on a 1,000 peso shirt. The same goes for my footwear — I will still stick to my tried and tested brands like Mango, Aldo, Ichigo, good old Parisian from SM Department Store, Forever 21 and Rockport.

And yes, if you feel the need to ask this — I will still go thrifting. Especially now, since I have a bigger budget for my flea market adventures!

4. Finally go on the “MatsuJun” hunting trip with Musings from the Moshpit in Tokyo, Japan.

5. Take my family on a much-deserved trip — ANYWHERE THEY LIKE.

6. Buy The Hubby a mini-cooper!

7. Go on a backpacking trip ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD with my Unnichan.

8. SAVE 3/4 of the money in a bank

9. Concentrate on being a writer than being an office slave

10. MIGRATE (*and bring my family along) – somewhere my parents will be afforded the best medical care; my siblings, the best possible career opportunities; and my children, the life and future which I and The Hubby can only dream of.

What about you? Do you also dream of the things you will buy and what will you do should you win the lotto?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Don’t forget Ava & her hunt for Teppei!

    You have to teach me how to bet on this…I’ve never tried because I don’t know how! Holy cr@p….imagine having millions…

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Of course, how can I forget Ava?
      Imagine going all super sleuth (better yet, SUPER STALKER) on these poor JPop boys.

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