My Sartorial Sentiments

I have no other form of vice but my insatiable lust for clothes, bags and shoes. As mentioned before, I am not the type who is easily tempted to sell my kidney just for a taste of high-end fashion. In fact, as you all probably know, I get a kick thrifting and finding one-of-a-kind clothes from the racks of clothes available on my go-to thrift shops.

That’s my only source of happiness amidst the chaos of life: to wear clothes and their corresponding shoes that would allow me to express my individuality. In this extended teledrama that is called MY LIFE, I’d rather be over-dressed than under-dressed. I’d rather stand out than be part of the herd. I’d rather be the girl wearing boots in the middle of sweltering Manila streets, than wear the standard Makati girl office uniform (high waisted skirt or slacks, a prim and proper office blouse — usually white and has peter pan collar, then sensible 2 inches heels.

Here’s what I wore on a Terrible Tuesday:

a pathetic attempt at SelCa
i am really in love with this necklace. i plan on going back to buy another one in a different color

Wearing pink knitted sleeveless pullover from Kashieca, white long-sleeved blouse from Bayo, straight cut slacks from People are People, silver ballet flats from Faded Glory (Japan) and Victorian style necklace from The Landmark

Woeful Wednesday —
(Why woeful you say? Apparently, like a bad soap opera in repeat for FOREVER something shitty happened in PURGATORY (I decided to call the place where I earn my keep as Purgatory cos apparently, Purgatory is where souls go for a taste of eternal damnation)

Anyway, this is Me today.

KamikazeeGirl reviewing her copy sample -- while posing for the camera

Wearing “cape” styled coat from Tomato, Black jumper skirt (worn as skirt alone) from Divisoria, black thighs from the Landmark, Shoes courtesy of my sister, accessories: cap ( property of Mr. G) and necklace, KamikazeeGirl’s own.

2 Replies to “My Sartorial Sentiments”

  1. I kinda sorta love being fashionable (in one’s own way) too…I really admire your sense of style. I try…but I always end up looking like one of the herd. You see, I don’t like calling attention to myself–even though it’s a good thing. Even though I think it would look nice, the idea that “oops, people might look” always gets to me. Hay, call it insecurity issues. hehe…I love your outfits though! =)

    1. Thanks Fizzy…
      Maybe it’s through clothes that I try to hide my worries and my (so-called) insecurities…
      Dressing the way I dress is my form of escape… :-))

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