I don’t understand people who whine all the time.
We all have our own miseries and we all deal with crap that life usually throws our way. We can either wallow in self-pity and blame the rest of the world when it comes to our miseries. Or we can give the world the finger, and say–“No way will I be defeated by this”

The reason for this ranting is that as of late, I am surrounded by whining individuals and sometimes the endless litany of the world sorrows has a way of bringing you down, yes–even if you are just an innocent bystander who happens to hear the steady stream of whining and curses each day.

Whoever had the notion that life is fair should START TO WAKE UP and SMELL THE ROSES. Life was never fair to anyone. What life does is give either a steady mix of the good and the bad and hopefully, from this experience you will emerge unscathed and a wiser person. Like what they always say, when God closes a door–definitely, there’s a window (and a whole roof, for that matter) wide open for you.You just have to brace yourself, hold your head high and go for it.

Life–no matter how crummy–it maybe will never change unless we are the first one to initiate change.

I will be the last person to tell you to be content on things. If you think that this will improve your life, not hurt other people and will make you a better human being — THEN GO FOR IT. Like me for example, I am happy to be a writer and to earn my keep writing PR for my current company.

But outright–am I contented with what I am doing now?

Seriously, NOT YET. Because I believe there’s still a lot of things that I can accomplish and do. Like for example, this blog has given me the outlet to reach out to a lot of people and share my views on a wide array of subject. This blog has become my outlet for all that I think, see and feel in a day. This has also opened doors for me to meet new people–even through the internet and communicate with them especially on things that both inspire and inflame us.

Currently, I am also starting on wedding coordination. As mentioned before, a good friend has hired me to organize and plan her wedding. More than being inspired that someone DID hire me, what I feel is utmost appreciation and an overwhelming happiness for having someone who trusted on my events management skills. I am also lucky to have a client who understands my schedule, and someone who listens to my suggestions.

I am also blessed to be given the opportunity to change perceptions and influence people with my writing. To do this and not see how big of a blessing this was is simply sad.

So, me — the biggest whiner there is–is now ANTI-WHINE. Aside from the fact that it has a way of assailing your ears, it never changes things. It is simply grating to the ear and highly infectious.