UPDATED: Oh, the post about Shoes

I am a shoe addict. I can’t live without purchasing a new pair each month. I am not picky when it comes to brands — it could be the obscenely expensive or dirt cheap, I don’t care. The difference lies in the style. I am the type of person who hates typical shoes, most especially formal (read: office) shoes. Out of the 30 plus shoes that I have at home, I only own one pair of office shoes — which I have decided to leave at the office, the only place where I have need for them.

Otherwise, I am always wearing various boots and flats (of varying styles), which basically constitute my foot wear of choice. I wasn’t able to buy new shoes in October due to my lack of funds, and I pretty much gave up hope on owning this deliciously sinful gray wedge boots which I saw at Aldo at Bonifacio High Street. For an entire month and a half, I have been abusing my black suede Rockport ankle boots, I can almost hear it crying for help…

…that is, until heaven smiled at me on a gloomy Friday morning.

You see, I work in a company where a large majority of our employees maintain strong ties to my (assumed and perceived) motherland, Japan. And it so just happens that a large delivery containing clothes and shoes arrived from Nihon straight to the entrepreneurial sensibilities of one of the Kaisha’s Pinoy employees.

And look what I scored this morning:

gray ballet flats from Faded Glory (JAPAN)

These ballet flats from Faded Glory was simply divine! I love ballet flats and the gray color gave it personality. The tag says it’s selling for Y980 (about PHP490) but since I scored the flats for only PHP380, I have a feeling that the seller got it on sale in Tokyo. This ballet flats have inspired me so much I ended up spending money to buy accessories that would complement this cute pair of shoes. (More on this later)

Faux snake skin pointed flats from Faded Glory (JAPAN)

You do know that I have a big problem when it comes to snakes and their immediate likeness. Just thinking of seeing a snake (or their skin) is enough to send me to my early grave. But surprisingly, I wasn’t scared even for a bit when I saw these babies. Maybe it’s the bright electric blue color, the fact that it’s obviously fake snake skin or the fact that they look so amazing. But yeah, I also brought ’em home!

so Shoe me!!!

So…two shoes bought in barely 30 minutes standing over the pile of clothes and various what-not from the motherland. Yey!

And because I have new shoes, so there must be new accessories to aptly match the new footwear. So, your KamikazeeGirl–broke, barely getting by and bringing lunch to work due to lack of funds–was suckered into buying new hat (I love hats!) and this cute Victorian Style necklace at The Landmark (a Makati City department store, not to be mistaken with the Hong Kong landmark).

With me being so in-love with my new ballet fans, I made it my peg while picking new accessories:

going Victorian -- I am falling in love with pearls and laces!

I noticed that I am slowly developing a taste for pearls and laces — I loved how combining it can make even the simplest wardrobe classy. And paired with the right shoes? Heaven ๐Ÿ™‚

hime gyaru in the making?

This has made me excited to go to work tomorrow. Will post wardrobe pics, I promise ๐Ÿ™‚


This is what I wore to work today:

what I wore - 06 November 2010

I am sorry if I look mildly moronic here, as I was yelling at my office mate to quit yapping and just take the effing picture already.

Hat – The Landmark Department Store, PHP 140 ($2.80)
Cardigan – given by my mom
Blouse – Anne Klein, thrifted, bought for PHP50 ($1)
Harem Pants – Brand unknown, thrifted, around PHP100 ($2)
Accessory/Necklace – The Landmark Department Store, PHP89 ($1.50)
Shoes – Faded Glory (Japan), PHP490 ($10)

3 Replies to “UPDATED: Oh, the post about Shoes”

  1. Hello Kamikazeegirl,

    I work at Rockport and would love to send you a pair of boots from our current Fall 2010 collection, so you can be stylish and comfortable. Email me back and I’d be happy to chat with you.

    Thank you,

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