Are women naturally bitchy?

I woke up late this morning and decided to fix my make-up on the office bathroom. As I entered, I immediately saw my good friend “A”,who works as a receptionist for the company but is also a professional model who had a billboard somewhere in Eastwood where she is hawking underwear. “A” is tall, blessed with good looks (a by-product of mixed lineage), leggy but is amazingly down to earth and kind.

While “A” were chatting about the recent worries about work, this girl (who wears a gunk of make-up) whose role in our company is to hawk whitening cream to the general public comes in and saw my model friend and said, THE MINUTE SHE ENTERS, “Girl, ang taba mo na!” (Girl, you’re going fat) Having no idea who she is, I just listened to the conversation at hand.

Girl: “Ang taba mo na!” (Girl, you’re going fat!)
A: Oo nga eh (yeah I know)
Girl: Anung nangyari sayo…wala ka yatang ibang ginawa kundi kumain! (What happened to you? I think all you do is eat!)
A: “ang sarap kasi kumain eh” (Eating is soooo good)
G: “Hay naku girl…ingat ka sa pagkain too much. baka lumobo ka” (Girl, don’t each too much
. You might grow big)

As a third party observer, I can’t help but raise my eyebrow on the exchange at hand. And again, bemoan the fact on how Filipinos can be so tactless and nosy without meaning to be. Then, the fact that I have seen women say that exact same time to other women who are effing hotter than they are.

I do not own this photo

Why do we girls see the immediate flaw of other girls?

Especially if they’re prettier, hotter, has the bigger boobs or thinner waist. I am guilty of this thing too when upon seeing this girl yakking at my friend, I immediately zeroed in on the too thick make-up and the annoying voice going yadda-yadda-yadda… In my mind, I was arguing that while you were shitting my friend on her non-existent fat, you obviously didn’t know that she is a model with a billboard in a major thoroughfare, while you hawk skin whitening products to people who doesn’t really care. Sitting here in my room, I realized that by judging her I am turning into the same person that I secretly detest. And that is just pathetic and sad.

In my line of work where I deal with women of varying degrees of beauty (real or projected), I have yet to see someone whose inner claw doesn’t come out as soon as she feels threatened with the presence of another female. There were just too many whispers in between tepid smiles and faint hellos: on how her make-up is too thick or too shiny (while secretly thinking of the brand and where to get it); on how her dress is too tight, too short, too flashy (while wishing we have the cash to buy it); or how she clings to her boyfriend too much (must he look like an Asian Brad Pitt?).

In between writing press releases, seeing promo girls screened and hired and attending photo shoots and TVC filming — it is surprisingly easy to find girls who can’t seem to appreciate the beauty and the presence of another female, especially if the aforementioned female felt threatened by “perceived superiority”.

The conversation earlier between my friend and the other girl was not the first that I witnessed the same exchange. One time, I overheard two girls (both applying for the same position) dissing another applicant saying she has become “fat”. The said third girl was this beautiful, Latina-looking stunner with the waistline that could bring Barbie to shame. I was too speechless for words that my last train of thought for that day was, “if she was fat — then what am I? the Goodyear blimp?”

Are we females really too critical to other members of our gender? Is this a hidden “inferiority complex” trying to mask itself with witty and nasty put-downs to other members of our sex? In a world where beauty, sadly, plays a big part in each and everyone’s success — can’t we all get along and appreciate what each and everyone had?

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    True..True…I agree. Honestly, I have issues with self-esteem ever since…well, as far back as I could remember..even when I used to weigh 110, 115, 120 in high school and college. And even then I would always remember other people (relatives lani! even my own effing relatives!!!) tell me that I was fat. Good lord, I weigh so much more than 120 now and if I was “fat” then, ano na ako ngayon?!
    Oh and since we’re kinda sorta talking about other people’s insensitivity here’s a little story for you: One christmas reunion years ago, I greeted an uncle with a beso and a “merry christmas po” as he arrived with his family to the reunion. The first thing he tells me? “How’s your mom?”. I looked at him incredulously and wanted to ask him, “ARE YOU EFFING HIGH?!” because at that time…my mom has already been DEAD FOR TWO YEARS! What an @sshole.

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Oh sh*t, I know he is your uncle and all–but he is an EFFING D*CKHEAD! Such insensitivity and callousness is the reason why Pinoys can be annoying sometimes.

      Hay Fizzy, sometimes our extended families doesn’t deserve us. 🙂

  2. fizzywoohoo says:

    This uncle is so-so lang…but his wife (who is the ninang of my sister) is very nice. I actually like the wife more. Ay, but that will always stay in my memory talaga…it took him a few seconds to realized his mistake though and properly apologized…but as if I effing care.

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