Love the way the Universe speaks

I always said that sometimes the level of suckiness that my life manages to plunge into never ceases to amaze me. I had to wonder if either I just have a way with finding helpless situations or that I am simply that girl with a giant L slapped on her forehead (waaaay before placing an L across your forehead was deemed cool, thanks to Glee).

It is no secret that I am currently dissatisfied with some things in my life right now (*cough*professional*cough*) and I am trying to make things right. And no matter how hard I try to undo all the wrong choices I made in the past, what done is done. I must stand by my past transgressions and move forward with my life. I have deduced that I should start taking things seriously– know what I really want and stick to it. I have made a big mistake by lacking hindsight before and this scares me. If I continue with this “jumping blindly into the darkness shit” which I am very accustomed to — I’d be effing 50 years old and still scared of the future.

picture not my property

With all the shitty things I had to deal with these past few weeks, all the heartaches and headaches that I had to pick off my back — I still didn’t had it in me to give up without a fight. And thanks to the machinations of the Universe and the Great Master Planner up the sky — I have been receiving quite good news as of late.

This morning, I received word that I managed to get through the first step out of a very long process. It’s an arduous task, and one that might not be meant for me — but I am confident of what I can deliver. I have also decided to lift this up to Him, and leave it to His Divine Providence if this is meant for me. I believe that Fate and Faith combined has a way of delivering things. You just have to believe.

Then last night, I met up with a great friend as she has hired me to be her On the Day wedding coordinator for her upcoming nuptials this December. I was thrilled beyond measure! And to think that I will be receiving TF for this part-time gig. This early, I was already excited for my friend. This girl and I shared a lot of great memories and we tend to discuss stuff a lot. During our meeting earlier, I assured her that more than a “supplier”, I am also a friend whose fondest wish is to make sure that her wedding goes well. I gave her some assignments and agreed to meet up again this weekend for her turn over.

It is when marveling about things like this that I get to appreciate God’s infinite wisdom. How he managed to turn every wrong to right. The Universe (and Him, of course) has been very kind to me — giving me a semblance of hope for moments when I feel like giving up.

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