Samplers from Arashi’s new single…

Thanks to Tokyo Hive, I get to hear two samplers from Arashi’s latest single, “Hatenai Sora“ which is due for release on November 10. The tracks, “Maboroshi” and “STORY” were already aired on the radio. (SOURCE)



…and here’s “Hatenai Sora” (Endless Sky)

Oh-kay… I am not liking “Story” that much, but I think the other two, “Hatenai Sora” and “Maboroshi”. Maybe, it’s because I was never partial to Arashi songs that has that “80s New Wave” vibe and feel — you know, the kind with two many keyboards and synth in place. (Also known as the kind where I will see my MatsuJun pirouetting away on stage at Music Station)

Ever since, I was the “emo” fan who wanted songs that doesn’t have complicated melodies. I loved their ballads and to this day, “Sakura Sake” remains my favorite Arashi song of all time. Maybe it’s because ballads has a way of highlighting the emotions out of their voices, especially Nino who sings very emotionally.

On this topic, I remembered a friend who once commented that she’d rather see MatsuJun act THAN hear him sing. And you know what? I kinda agree.

First, you do know that I love MatsuJun so effing much, and that I am even willing to look past that annoying eyelash curler ad. But–I must admit that my hubby from the parallel universe is the one who owns that annoyingly nasal, whiny voice that is usually heard on all their songs. (Yep, I maybe a crazy MatsuJun fan but I am not that crazy to not say the truth when it comes to his voice)

You don’t believe me? Here’s Sakura Sake and feel free to listen and compare:

While I would have loved to go through the whole Arashi discography and upload songs where the boys have distinct solo parts in their songs (for purpose of comparison), I wouldn’t since I have an effing advertising copy (work!) which I have to go through and finish. (Work has a way of going against our great pursuits, ne?)

Anyway, Jun–the reason for my online existence–may be the best actor and most charming out of all the Stormy boys but he is also the person who possesses THAT voice which never fails to crack me up when I listen to their songs. It’s just…nasal. And whiny. Obviously, Ohno has the best voice out of the five boys which blends really well with that of Nino’s. Aiba’s voice is soft and gentle, and at times like he’s always out of air (in tagalog: parang kinakapos ng hininga but erm, he had problems before with his lung) and oh, Sho sounds manly and deep, which is expected being the “rapper of the group”.

Good thing my MatsuJun dances well (even though I hate it when he pirouettes)…and no need to state the obvious that he is one of the best actors of his generation. You and me both know that a person like MatsuJun — who is a talented actor, charming, insightful, dresses well, and could kill 50 fan girls in just a single stare — MUST not have a good voice, otherwise he would be TOO PERFECT and TOO UNATTAINABLE for us mere mortals.

3 Replies to “Samplers from Arashi’s new single…”

  1. “On this topic, I remembered a friend who once commented that she’d rather see MatsuJun act THAN hear him sing. And you know what? I kinda agree.”
    — Ako ba ito? hehe…Kasi kung hindi ako nagsabi nya, I will agree also!

    1. I agree with your comments…
      MatsuJun and the rest of the boys seems to improve as they age… and that’s one of the best things about them.
      Thanks for visiting 🙂

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