What can be scarier than real life?

This being the first of November, where the rest of the Philippines, go crazy over tending to graves, remembering loved ones who passed on and praying for the souls of those who went to the great beyond ahead of us.

This is also the time of the year when formally peaceful cemeteries turn into mini-carnivals with the presence of stores selling from soft drinks to cigarettes to tissues; roads leading to memorial parks littered with many branches of fast food restaurants and oh, if you’re really lucky — the grave near your dear grandma’s could be full of teenagers on the look out for their next relationship and playing awful Jejomon music in full volume.

If you ask me, cramming your remembrances and prayers in a single day is crap. Don’t get me wrong–I’m all about respecting age-old Pinoy traditions, but I’ve always believed that we owe our love ones too much to only remember them in just a day.

The onset of Halloween/All Saint’s Day/All Souls’ Day in the Philippines has also given rise to the proliferation of scary shows and movies on local TV. I have been trying to scare myself silly by reading ghost stories over the internet, which in turn gave me a bad case of paranoia.

But I can’t help but wonder what can be scarier than life itself? Just imagine trying to get by and make an honest living for yourself. What can be scarier than wrestling not with ghouls but with full grown morons masquerading as persons of authority. What can be scarier than working your ass off for 15 days only for your salary to be automatically reduced due to numerous bills you gotta pay and obligations which you have to take care of. Tell me, nothing else can make you lose sleep than thinking about your future and what lies ahead for you. No amount of ghost stories can kill your spirit and determination–but numerous problems, obstacles and heart breaks is capable of doing that.

So, no use to scare yourself with obviously doctored “ghost” pictures where photoshop reigns supreme, or with stories that makes your heart beat go faster and that makes you go crazy with things that go bump in the night. Cos if these things don’t scare you, Life will.

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