TDWLP: a kidnapping, a bit of tongue action & the thing called luuurv!

We are now on Episode 3 of The Down with Love Project (TDWLP). Actually, this has been delayed for a long time due to numerous dramas, complications and various what-nots in my boring existence.

Anyway, “Down with Love” is already airing on Channel 2 and as I was told, had the misfortune of utilizing the most annoying tagalog dubbing for the character of Yang Guo. I was told by a good friend that Yang Guo or “Malou”, as she was named here in the Philippines, had the voice of a 14-year old girl who is still confused with her orientation. This same friend was amazed on my transformation from an Ella-bashing fangirl to someone who is now mildly amazed with this endearing S.H.E. leader. The dashing lawyer was named “Elvin” for local audiences and there is nothing that I can say but– CAN’T THEY EFFING THINK OF BETTER NAMES AND BETTER DUBBERS FOR THIS DRAMA?????

(This is why I hate watching tagalized series–whether Japanese, Korean or Taiwanese–most often than not, I hate the dubbing and there are even many cuts on the version being aired locally)

Anyway, so what’s the third episode all about? Well, for one — they are starting to lay out the “feelings, nuthin’ more than feelings” part for the benefit of suckers, in exact, me viewers who are waiting for the sigh-inducing moments when the protagonists finally NOTICE that, “yeah-this-person-might-be-annoying/shitty/looks weird/rude-but-hey-he/she’s-kinda-cute-and-I-think-I-am-starting-to-like-her/him-but-no-I-musn’t”. You know the scenes that can elicit paroxysms of love, lust and longing from the Jerry Yan fanatics and crazy fan girls out there (*ehem*) YEAH, NEVER MIND IF THE GIRL LOOKS LIKE SOME BOY FROM YOUR HIGH SCHOOL !!!

So, what’s the story…mownin glory?

1. The long-lost Spawns of Darkness finally settles the issue with the Hunky Uncle — yeah, even if these kids, especially that little girl with giant ears and a smirk that would make Blair Waldorf proud, had to make some drama on the beginning (uncle didn’t showed up during the school affair even when he promised…cos he was in the hospital and his office got trashed)…they realize uncle loves them cos DUH…he went BY HIS LONESOME on the kidnappers lair when the kids and the nanny got kidnapped.

2. OH, YOU MEAN THERE’S A KIDNAPPING? Oh yes, and I almost tore all my ash-blond colored hair out due to the STUPIDITY of this situation. One of Yu Ping’s clients arranged to have the kids kidnapped cos he wanted a copy of his father’s will, and Yu Ping refuses to give it to him. Anyway, if you plan on having someone kidnapped (like Jerry Yan or Matsumoto Jun for example)…I implore you for the love of God not to get the services of the kidnappers who were all freakshows and morons…cos meh, this is the annoying part of the story…except for one eensy-teensy detail….and that is (drum roll, please)


oh boy! you're so beautiful I just have to kiss yah!!!

As the kidnappers try to escape, they stuffed a small bomb in Yu Ping’s mouth. So what did Yang Guo do? She tried to make use of what little time they have and started kissing him cos he was just so beautiful she thought of getting the bomb via her mouth, sticking her tongue to Jerry’s throat to spoon the bomb away then spitting it out on the open window. Oh, forget that this is impossible — but the more important fact here is: SHE.EFFING.STUCK.HER.EFFING.TONGUE.DOWN.JERRY’S.THROAT!
(Never mind, that it was obviously fake cos the “inside shot” showed her tonguing the ugliest pair of dentures ever invented. But you get my drift, yes?)…

4. THE LITTLE THING CALLED LUUUUURV – stolen glimpses, the little smiles, being out of it while day dreaming, noticing the little things and seeing them at a new light…yep! signs of falling in love, definitely! In this drama’s case, it’s Yu Ping who’s starting to notice the little things (must be the magic of that tongue action). Uh-oh, could he be falling in love? Yu Ping also sees Yang Guo’s “so called girlfriend” on a date and thinks that she is cheating on Yang Guo. And since they’re all lovey-dovey now, the Yu Fei (the little girl) senses that her uncle has a case of the “crushes”. Oh, Jerry Yan is so adorable when he looks so shy and coy. No thanks to the nosy kid (with matching smirk, of course) the two promptly blushes and senses the “oh-man-are-we-falling-for-each-other?” vibe.

5. THE MINOR CHARACTERS SHINE THROUGH – Yang Guo’s big sister is crushing on Yu Ping’s bestfriend and remembers him through an old book she has kept from childhood…

6. AND TO ENSURE IT REMAINS COMPLICATED, THE KIDS’ MOM SHOWS UP! And wants custody! Apparently, she really didn’t die as previously mentioned, but has run off after she gave birth to the little boy. As expected, Yang Guo is torn.

What I didn’t like:
Obviously, the kidnapping as it felt forced and irrelevant to the story for me.

What I liked?
Besides the tongue action you mean? πŸ™‚
Jerry Yan’s coy and shy facial expression — oh, I know I said this already before…but he is just so beautiful. I also liked the fact that he was the first one to notice that his nanny can be cute sometimes, even to the point of questioning himself if he is going crazy. I liked that the kids have revealed their true self — they are angels, can you imagine? and that Yu Fei has sensed that her uncle may be falling for the nanny (yes, even if she looks like a 14-year old butch!)

Anyway, till next drama recap…like I’ve said, hopefully soon–barring office drama, sickness or the end of the world. πŸ™‚

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Although I think most people would agree that Kapamilya dubs better than Kapuso…well, that’s what I hear often at least. Kapuso daw even cuts the music being used or changes it completely, while Kapamilya uses the same original score and if there are singing parts (like in You’re Beautiful), they keep it as is.
    I think I should watch DWL in it’s original form…because this dubbed version isn’t doing anything to convince me to watch it…which is sad because I’m usually all for giving tagalized versions a chance. And don’t even bother complaining about the cuts..wala ka ng magagawa dun. I felt bad that ang daming parts ng YB ang pinutol din…even the “fan fiction” scene!
    Wala na…I’ve completely lost you to Ella…nagiisa na lang ako…*sniff*

  2. fizzywoohoo says:

    I just had a “eureka moment” … I think it’s not so much that Ella has won you over but rather it’s because she’s with Jerry Yan whom you’ve always loved that’s convinced you to ease up on her. hahaha!

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      SPOT ON, Fizzy…spot on!
      just imagine if she’s still starring with any other actor other than my Jerry Yan, I still wouldn’t see her appeal.
      Call it the Jerry Yan magic…! πŸ™‚

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