Where did the music go?

Call it the signs of aging or a look back to the time when music really means wicked lyrics and a tune that stays with you for years and years to come, but your KamikazeeGirl (the IncuGirl herself and supporter of everything JPop) has been hankering for music from the 50s and 60s.

I have been subsisting on grainy concert footage on YouTube, as well as below par audio recording for my favorite songs of yesteryear. Yes, there were no gimmicks, no hype nor well-oiled PR machinery, but what was present was the most relevant: pure skill, pure talent and musicality that sadly, isn’t present in SOME of today’s so-called musicians. To be blunt about it, some of today’s talents barely had talent and relied instead on their so-called appeal and the clout of their agents and PR handlers.

When I was young, I used to see old 45s lying in the house. Busy with my New Kids on the Block mixed tapes (the first album I owned), I simply dismissed it as “dad’s old junk”. Guess who’s kicking herself in the rear right now. I should have saved those effing long playing records. I should have saved the Jackson 5 45s and the one bearing the name, “The Mamas and Papas”.

Now, I will surely need to pay big bucks on collectors just to lay my hand on a single 45. Now, 31 years old and familiar with what GOOD MUSIC REALLY SOUNDS LIKE, I bemoan the fact that I was (unknowingly) in possession of good music THEN yet didn’t know about it.

For the last seven days, here’s what I’ve been listening. Repeatedly. And thoroughly enjoying every single minute of it.

If I had a time machine today, I’d probably go back to the time of The Beatles and the Ronettes and all these wonderful musicians. Cool, I’d be the perfect fan girl then.

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