I grew up in a family truly immersed with the arts.
Singing, dancing, sketching, drawing–as long as it involved the arts, someone in my paternal family has perfected it. My grandpa used to earn a living painting giant movie posters–the old school kind–which used to dot Manila’s old movie theaters, before laser printing and bill board printing killed the business.

Unfortunately, my grandpa died when I was a year old, and no one had the hindsight to keep his paintings. Anyway, all his sons grew up with amazing skills in painting and drawing that our paternal surname became synonymous to “good in arts”. Our family attended the same elementary school (from the parents to the children) and once you are enrolled in a class, it is automatically assumed that you know how to draw and how to paint. It is also expected that you’re a smart ass and that you have a deficiency in math. I qualified in all counts.

Unfortunately, due to poverty — my father and his brothers did not finished college or took up fine arts in university. We were all self-taught and relied on what we learned from the elders before us. The only person in the family to enrol in arts course and complete his university studies in the field of arts is my youngest brother who has mad drawing skills.

Anyway, this is the thing that I do when my limbs are not attached to Momo. I paint and I sketch. Due to my busy sked, I never had the time to finish a painting and has consigned myself to rough sketches of people. I love sketching people and takes delight when I am able to consign their exact image on paper. My fondest wish is to draw someone (woman or man, I don’t care) naked — expertly capturing the crevices and curves of the human body. Though I also the first one to tell you that I am not yet ready or worthy to do this as my sketching skills are rusty.

This is one of my skills which I wished to improve on when I finally have the time and money.
Well, here are some pages from my sketch book (a Daler Rowney acid free hardbound given by the Queen and purchased in Malaysia):

this is someone familiar
my usual work space: sketchbook scattered, Momo on random site (TMZ!) and inspiration galore!
using charcoal
some studies...oh, that's Yuji, my new phone and the reason why I am broke

I also married a man with wicked drawing skills. I am constantly amazed on the Hubby’s drawing skills–he specializes in Vertigo Comics style art. One of these days, I’ll try to post some of his drawings…I just wish he won’t go all shy and would allow me to photograph his sketches. Obviously, in the event we finally had kids, we will be raising these kids thoroughly exposed to art. Who knows, he might be the next Picasso…or Matisse…or Van Gogh (hopefully, minus the lunacy)

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