Oh, here’s something to make you a GLEE convert

Still not caught in the Glee bandwagon?
“Gleeks” still a foreign word to you?
Don’t feel the need to belt out like you’re in a show choir when you hear “Don’t Stop Believing?”
No idea who Sunshine Corazon is?

I hope this will change your mind:

These break-out stars were featured in the November issue of GQ magazine, with a story from Alex Pappademas, with photos taken by renowned photographer Terry Richardson.

Currently, conservative parents are up in arms in the US due to the sexy pictures of these actors, who were all playing high school students. The argument by these concerned parents is that these 20 something girls and the 30 something guys are playing high school students and thus, setting bad examples to their audience.

Well, I don’t really care about the raging debate–seeing these actors did the photo shoot as themselves not as Quinn Fabrey, Finn Hudson and Rachelle Berry. And I sure hope that the kid watching Glee wouldn’t be so stupid to “over-sexualize” themselves just because their favorite gleeks are doing it. And for the love of God, let’s have more faith on our young people shall we?

Anyway, is it just me or Lea Michelle looks like she’s trying to hard to look sexy?

Picture and story source here

2 Replies to “Oh, here’s something to make you a GLEE convert”

  1. Lea Michele was in a musical that had her doing a sexy role, “Spring Awakening”, I think. Maybe, that’s where she learned it? Haha

    Interesting that “Quinn” isn’t as into looking sexy as “Rachel”

    1. I know…after all, she used to be on Broadway…
      But I don’t know, I think she’s trying to much.

      I agree–Quinn has that innocent yet sultry look down pat 🙂

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