Here’s my heart. Feel free to trample on it.

I do not watch Tagalog movies, because more often times than not–(for times, I dared join my friends to watch local movies) I tend to be the person who breaks into hives due to my endless side comments. I will go all movie critic and offer my stupid discourse on the lighting, acting, the story and when needed, the production and costume design. Yes, I tend to morph into those annoying movie goers who turn into amateur movie critics when I am forced to watch Pinoy movies.

I also have this annoying habit of declaring mid-movie (LOUDLY) how stupid and lousy an actor or actress is. You can bet that I have guts on steel to say this in a movie theater populated by rabid Filipino movie fans.

Anyway, so called particular habits has made me swore off FOR FOREVER watching Pinoy movies. I am particularly concerned about my safety and at the same time, the sanity of my fellow movie goers who can’t stomach hearing a litany of woes and complaints coming from the bitchy movie goer two seats down.

The recent movie I’ve seen are two horror films from a bid-budget media company. Both movies bore me to tears, nonetheless and while I have grand aspirations of ditching the screening, I was threatened by good friends of “excommunication” should I bail out on them the last minute. (This is how I watch Pinoy movies: friends call me, railing on the power of friendship and bonding, then drag me to watch a movie I don’t even like). That’s PHP130 and 2 hours of my life wasted and which I can never get back.

But out of all Tagalog movies–I found one that I loved so much and has vowed to watch whenever I see it on cable. The movie: “One More Chance”, is a melodramatic tear jerker detailing the break-up of two young lovers who was so hurt over the break-up, that they never really moved forward in their life. This movie stars two of the country’s famous movie stars and featured some of the most wicked lines ever uttered in a tagalog movie:

As mentioned, I never bothered to see this movie when it aired here in the Philippines, and was only able to see it when it aired a good 2 years later on local cable.

To say I was hooked is an understatement. This movie is so good and so sad that I was able to reduce me to tears EACH EFFING TIME I see it. The actors who played the characters Popoy and Basha are two of the most talented actors in the Philippines and they delivered very well their respective roles.

The scenes were just too sad and so melodramatic that it’s like handling over your heart to the lucky person and giving him permission to trash it with all his might.

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