Soul for Sale (in exchange of book)…

A few months back, I wrote about what probably is the sexiest text book in all of Japan– Nippon No Arashi.

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I thought that the book was made available for FREE to all elementary and junior high students, until a kind reader pointed out that not all kids received this book, and most probably–a school is given one or two copies each. Honestly, I think these copies are now under lock and key, fitted with burglar alarm system and even given its own time deposit accounts for fear that what little copy available will be stolen and sold for insane amount to thousands of Arashi fans who wouldn’t mind spending just to have a copy of the very important tome.

Now, this fear has been realized. TokyoHive has reported that a copy of Nippon no Arashi has surfaced over the internet and is selling via auction for the amount of (drum roll please) Y80,000 (or USD985)…or almost 50 thousand freaking Philippine pesos!!! Whoa! that’s a lot of money for one book don’t you think? Yet, of course, we are talking here of not just one ordinary book… BUT IS THERE AN ARASHI FAN INSANE ENOUGH TO BUY THIS? Gawd, we could feed one small Philippine barangay with this amount.

The sad part here is I’ve read at the Tokyo Hive comments section that the boys donated their services for free, as means of giving back to the motherland. But, now–one person has gotten a copy of the book and is capitalizing on the love (or craziness) of us fan girls to score big moolah. A part of me was all proud knowing my Stormy Boys amount that much, and people recognize the value of a PREMIUM IDOL GROUP, but the sane part of me was appalled on whoever was selling it for attempting to make money out of the good natured initiative of Arashi.

Whoever will buy that book is:
a) TOTALLY, OBVIOUSLY MADLY crazy. You love the boys that much, yes?
b) IS EFFING RICH and to them USD985 is small change. It won’t even buy a Louis Vuitton Speedy!
c) KNOWS REAL VALUE when she sees it. It’s called investment (as she is investing on a premium item and will plan to sell it subsequently)
d) Is Johnny Kitagawa’s grand daughter 🙂 (Peace, Johnny-san!)

Anyway, this is just insane….errr, do you need an extra soul? I am selling mine for USD985…make it USD1,000 as I need extra cash for the shipping charge. (KIDDING!) God, do not smite thee, I am just joking!

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