“Too much drama can kill you…”

I had a very toxic day at the office today. People are starting to drive me nuts. Sometimes, I feel like I was working in a soap opera surrounded by Drama Kings and Drama Queens, each scheduled for their varying star making turns. And me, the Drama Queen of Ayala Avenue and my blimp-sized ego plays a big part of this daily sordid soap opera.

Anyway, this is one of those days when the thought of tossing random people off the building seemed like a good idea as the hours passed on. I was dealing with a PMS-ing, venom-spouting individual, who I suspect is at the edge of his last remaining patience. Unfortunately, he was also working with pseudo-intellectuals with a bad case of attitude adjustment (needed).

After said drama unfolded earlier, I was already at my Wit’s End — I kept thinking back to my anti-social behavior and my incessant need to be such an effing wise-ass all the time. I just didn’t realized that I am bordering on offensive also.

Well, I did realized that I have been such as @ss, especially to persons of authority. And that I may need to be more discerning of the things I say and do. Not that I am afraid to lose a job, but propriety and a good sense of decorum is a basic necessity right? Especially in a working environment where the senior managers guide you like hawks circling the blue skies.

I really wish things will be better tomorrow. As you can see, I have no intention of being forever known as “the girl with an attitude”. Which, in reality–this title baffles me no end since I am as nice as fluffy bunnies.

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