The Down with Love Project (TDWLP): Episode Two

So, I have come to decide to name my nightly (barring assignments, sickness and the end of the world) commitment to watch Jerry Yan’s latest drama with Ella Chen, “The Down with Love Project”.

I am just at episode 2 but I am so taken with Jerry’s character and even find myself smiling on my own due to Yan’s boyish charms and gorgeous face– to think that he has come so far following his star-making turn 10 years ago as Dao Ming Shi. See just how amazing and so good-looking Jerry can be even without trying:

As one of my kind readers pointed out, Jerry Yan did age so well. He was no longer the blushing 23 year old bully of Meteor Garden yore, but he has aged so well and has given much depth to his acting that you could actually see multiple facets of his character’s personality. Shiang Yu Ping can be cold-hearted, aloof, cunning, playful and even flirty…all of these in just one episode.

Anyway. here’s my first (errr….second?) post on the great “Down with Love Project”

What is it about?
1. Gay pride! The first part of the episode dealt on establishing Yang Guo’s “gayness” — this is done by participating in an acting workshop, (pseudo) hooking up with her flighty best friend and yeah, standing up for gay rights (Yang guo gives a passionate advice to Yu Ping’s client who plans to remain hidden in the closet and give up on his rights as a person). You see, the only thing that made Yu Ping comfortable with Yang Guo is the knowledge that she is a lesbian…which, we all know is not true. But lo–and behold, if your boss is the prettiest man in the planet and you’re not really a lezzy — wouldn’t you fall in love with him? (I WOULD!) Anyway, more on this later.

2. So, the hottest lawyer in all Taipei has a girlfriend…and she is a famous movie star. Why didn’t I think of that? And he is madly in love with her, while she treats him like pond scum. And she freaks out when she sees the nanny (who looks like a 14 year old pre-pubescent boy) asleep in the same bed as her hunky boyfriend. (Girl, if I were you, I would have chained him to my wrist).

3. And…we get our first kilig-inducing moment…(kilig is a Pinoy term for those giddy, precious, shivery, heart-thumping moment with the love of your life). The stupid, bumbling 14 year old looking nanny played with the marble which fell promptly straight to her open mouth. To the rescue comes the dashing lawyer to perform The Heimlich Maneuver. Then…it came, the fact that his arms are encircling his waist, his face a few inches away from her face… the typical kilig-inducing moment that can make any fan girl scream in silence (for fear of waking the neighbors).

4. The third parties play out — the best friend from college who rescued the nanny one-two many times and the bitchy famous actress. This early, we knew that the other guy would be the strong yet silent suffering type–while the other girl will be the “girlfriend from hell” and has plans of ruining the life of the poor nanny.

What I like:
Jerry Yan!
Oh, other than that…? The story is interesting and while it is not unique or fresh (in terms that a lot of dramas has utilized this story), the writers of “Down with Love” has made the story look and feel fresh.

Oh, Ella — even if you really don’t look like a girl and you look like a 14 year old boy — you’re still a great actress. (Incidentally, I looked up Ella’s bio and she was impressive, even as the leader of SHE). It’s just so unbelievable that a hot, young lawyer will eventually fall in love with someone who looks like his basketball team mate back in secondary school. But anyway, as they say: Love works in mysterious ways. And if this will also happen to us, who are we say no to fate???

What I Hate:
Nothing personal–as in, just my point of view: I don’t like the girlfriend. If the idea is to make her as annoying as possible just because she plays the “other girl” — then, they are succeeding. She is annoying and not to stellar looking in order to be a big movie star (you’re all talk–you say–you bitchy tub of lard!).

fafa jerry yan with the 2 monsters

And I have a sneaking suspicion that these kids aren’t really kids but 20 year old little monsters masquerading as kids. Haha! They’re sooo cute (especially the little boy) but so convincing as “little monsters”.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Wow…Ella Chen has really won you over no? hahaha! I tried watching the first ep yesterday…and perhaps it’s the dubbing that got to me…but I still hate her. hahaha!

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Its okay Fizz…that’s why I dont watch tagalog dubbed series even if my life depended on it. I saw the tagalog dubbing and she sounds like a 14 year old butch trying to go all manly. The dubbing for her voice on this series is atrocious. Also, there are many cuts in the one being aired here.

      Anyway, I have yet to continue watching the series. I already miss Jerry! 🙂

  2. fizzywoohoo says:

    Honestly this is the first time that I’ve hated a tagalog dubbing. Being the adik that I am, even though I’m also a purist, I really don’t mind the tagalog dub. In some ways, nakakaaliw din because they say stuff that is culturally swak to us. It’s like having the best of both worlds because I try and enjoy the tagalog and the orig version.
    But with this particular one…I would have to agree with you that she does sound like a 14 year old butch. I’m annoyed tuloy with her..probably more than your dislike of Jan Di…much much more pa. Of course, Jerry can do no wrong…haha..I wonder if they used the same actor as the one who dubbed him in MG.
    ps: did you get my email invite?

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