I hate you, Ella Chen!!!

…cos you’re such a lucky, lucky girl.
Can we trade places, even for just a day? Pretty please, please…?

It’s been ages since I last watched a Taiwanese drama — in fact, the last one was “It started with a Kiss” — the Part 1 ok? This is where I discovered Jiro Wang and fell madly in like with his high cheekbones and patented smile. But, do you know who to blame for my current Asian drama obsessed self?

A bit of history: It was 2001 and I was freshly out of university where work (or the lack thereof) occupied my miserable 21 years of existence. Then, I found a job at a Japanese newspaper as editorial assistant where the highlight of my career is my stint as a police reporter at the Eastern Police District. In the summer of 2001 (?), a new drama–fresh from Taiwan–premiered in Philippine television. I met him…

you're dead...!

Yes…this crazy existence and crazier obsession began with Dao Ming Shi aka Jerry Yan. He of the pineapple haircut, soulful stare, the high cheekbones, the (now) corny muscle tees and leather pants. Back in 2001, Jerry Yan was the closest I will come close to idolatry. I was so crazy for Jerry (and F4) of course that I was one of the thousands of Filipinos who blew money just to watch their series of concerts in the Philippines. Yes, I owned a “Dao Ming Shi” Jerry Yan tee from Bench (a local clothing company) and had posters and pictures of the Taiwanese F4.

Of course, in time I grew old…and I met other guys. I broke up with Jerry and started a relationship (DREAM ON!) with his Japanese counterpart, Domyouji aka Jun Matsumoto–a relationship which I was able to maintain without getting tempted by other boys (*ehem*Shinwoo*ehem*)… My first ever Asian drama crush forgotten and now a mere footnote from my storied history of being a fangirl…

Until one day, I saw a teaser for a new Jerry Yan drama and made the mistake of looking it up at http://www.mysoju.com…

down with love

There’s only one thing that I can say: First love never dies. (LOL!) 🙂
(I have to stress that this is just a joke as the hubby saw the word “First love never dies” and claimed ownership that he is indeed, my first love… I had to explain that I was talking in an alternate universe point of view. So after about 5 minutes, he pouted and left me in peace but not before muttering about how he came first before Jerry…)

I am just at the first episode, but I liked the drama already. The first episode mainly dealt with establishing the back stories and the characters of the two protagonists and the people who surrounded them.

Jerry Yan plays Shiang Yu Ping, a cunning and intelligent divorce and inheritance lawyer touted as the best in Taipei. His biggest source of problem is his two young nephews who he was raising after they were orphaned following the death of his older brother. The kids were “the terror of all nannies in Taipei”–to the point that he came to exhaust his supply of nannies in all Taipei. What more, he still couldn’t find one who doesn’t fall in love with him or forced to quit due to the “two monsters”. Desperate, Yu Ping asks his secretary, the money hungry Yang Duo, to find him a nanny. She recommends her younger sister, Yang Guo, for the job; assuring Yu Ping that her tomboyish sister will not fall in love with him by declaring that she is a lesbian (not really).

I love the first episode as I am treated immediately to the characters and the quirks of Ella and Jerry.

First–about Ella. I will be honest, I really didn’t like her when she starred in the Taiwanese version of Hana Kimi. To be fair with Ella, I didn’t like the whole drama at all–well, except for Jiro Wang, of course. Anyway, TODAY I AM SAYING “gomen nasai”, “I’m sorry” and “dui bu qi” to the very talented Ms. Chen. She may not be the usual girly-girl type who likes to flutter their eyelashes and pile on rouge on her face, but Ella has talent and she brings a 100% to the character. There are a lot of scenes where she is adorable and charming. So, today…in this post, I am saying I HATE YOU ELLA CHEN for making me a convert and for making me see how talented you are.

And then–we go to Jerry Yan. What can I say about Jerry Yan and on his portrayal of Shiang Yu Ping. Well, I have so many things to say, but I will summarize in a few words: jkfiupshfuiofjeofhsfwnfmsnsfSLADBWGFVnfwfwpfhwfhqr8tow!!!

Go see it! see it! see it! he is great! adorable! talented! handsome! see it! see it! SEE IT!!!

I was looking forward to seeing the second episode today, but a take home assignment from the boss thwarted all my Jerry Yan plans. Will post a short summary and a few comments as soon as I catch the second episode.

Anyway, here’s the OST from “Down with Love” to tide you over till the next Jerry Yan gabfest:

8 Comments Add yours

  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    haha! I saw this drama before on cable and I was surprised to see how mature Jerry looked..and so thin!..but still handsome as in his meteor garden days. It’s going to be shown starting next week on ch.2. Sige, will see if Ella Chen can work her magic on me.

    Oh and I laughed in that part: “cough*shinwoo*cough” hahaha! And “first love never dies”? Talaga lang ha! Don’t let Matsujun hear you say that!

    Ava shared a link of “oh my lady” on my fb page. I checked out the first episode over the internet this weekend…ok, guess what fizz did last night?! After work, I left at 6pm on the dot…walked really fast…when I got to cubao, instead of taking the train home, I crossed to the other side and made my way to Recto! I was there by 7pm and I was out by 7:15pm…ganun lang kabilis! I just went to my suki, bought “Oh My Lady” and “Beethoven’s Virus”…and happily made my way home! (storm? what storm?!) Yes, this girl is sick…sick in the head because of love for SuJu and JGS!

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Am still not a fan of Ella but I don’t hate her anymore. It’s just weird that she can look so plain when the role calls for it.
      Oh, Jerry must understand that my heart belongs now to MatsuJun (*cough*Shinwoo*cough*) 🙂

      Anyway, I REALLY DO THINK YOU’RE CRAZY… Such devotion is what makes us fangirls great 🙂
      To you, I bow (*does the super polite Japanese bow*)…SUJU and JGS better be good boys to be worth that luuuurv 🙂

  2. bemjerry13 says:

    same here…to tally agree with all the things that you said…except in my case my love for him never really wavered….i was never tempted with other aAian guys….Jerry have matured but he has a different kind of charisma nowadays, he was cute then BUT he is handsome now, a talented handsome actor!

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      You’re right — Jerry has matured and has become more charismatic and talented.
      I am watching episode 2 of Down with Love right now, and I myself am smiling (not a few times) each time the camera shows his face. He’s just too yummy for words!!!

  3. mamae says:

    jerry yan is still handsome after 10 years and in down with love, i can see that his acting has improved a lot after meteor garden, but though i still find him handsome as ever, Lee minho took the place of dao ming sze in me, ( i think they could pass of as brothers).

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      I agree… Lee Minho looks a lot like Jerry especially during Jerry’s younger days
      Thanks for visiting…

  4. aoi says:

    Oh i thought you really hate ella., you’ll give me heart attack. haha…!!

  5. lesli says:

    yeah, i was also thinking, ok, what is it that the haters hate about ella but it wasn’t quite what i thot… i kinda like the vintage jerry from meteor garden but having said that, i really rooted for him and ella in DWL. the only thing is i wished there coulda been a really nice/fun wedding scene cuz there were the teaser picts of them in wedding garb but that never materialized. phooey.

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