The evil Playstation Portable

I am silently contemplating murder as a type this post.
Every now and then I shoot dagger looks on a stupid black console that the Hubby is holding, silently plotting ways to kill that stupid piece of machine that I have come to hate during the three short months that it’s been present in the household.

I want to tear it piece by piece, button by button and hopefully destroy every remaining wiring inside its sleek casing. I am talking about my hubby’s playstation portable (PSP) which I have come to equate (with passion) to the word: hate.

the evil PSP

I don’t know who to hate more: that damned thing for even existing or the hubby–for being perpetually attached to the piece of crap.

The situation doesn’t really matter actually: I could be breaking my back washing clothes and the hubby will be sitting on a corner, engrossed on Final Fantasy VII for the 25th effing time; I could be cleaning room and yes, he is still attached to that danged thing; asking him about his day or even telling him about my current worries–and yes, that danged PSP is still looming in the background.

Do not get me wrong, I married a good man– someone who takes care of me during days when I am miserable, sick or miserably sick; someone who doesn’t have any vices (like drinking or going to bars or clubs) and someone who knew me inside and out and understands and values the concept of family and trust and loyalty.

I just effing hate it when I see him wasting time on that PSP for hours…hours! especially when I am discussing things with him. And the fact that he kept playing a single game over and over and over again? It’s just crazy. Annoying and crazy.

I wish I had the DNA make-up of guys to understand men’s fascination on gadgets and all things that needed the use of consoles and technology. As you can see, I am not a gamer girl. I am not techie and I go all bat-shit when the gadgets I own start dying on me. Cos I don’t know how to fix it. My usual solution? Buy a new one. So, my hubby’s fascination on gadgets usually gets the best of me. Especially on instances when I am rambling about daily worries and some important issues, and I see him barely looking up from the game he is currently in–that’s when I see red and turn murderous…

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