New office wardrobe ideas from NYLON Japan Magazine

Here’s something I came across the web while looking for wardrobe ideas.
As you prolly know, I refuse to wear a boring office (slacks-blouse-black shoes combo) attire even if my life depended on it.

My current work is quite strict with having people dress like they are a part of the big corporate herd, but I am grateful to the management for allowing me to be my quirky, fashionable self minus the need to wear the corporate attire which I so hate.

Being an addict for Japanese fashion magazines, I was checking my usual magazine source (Tokyo Jam) and came across these sweet pieces and pairings from the October issue of Nylon magazine.

Don’t you just love Nylon? I love Nylon–very original and the featured pairings are just so unique!!!

i love the clothes featured on the upper left. i have some pieces that are similar to what is featured
i love the plaidskirt + black blouse combo and the shoes!!!

But my favorite out of the whole lot are these babies:

I’ve been raring to test the androgynous look for quite a while now. I have newly bought pants from People Are People, blue oxfords from Ichigo and a bowler hat which I bought for PHP140 pesos at the Landmark. My only problem is where to find a good long-sleeves shirt which can complete the look. My bet is to filch something from my dad’s closet. Hopefully, something will fit me knowing dad is very thin and small. (He actually looks young for his age).

Anyway, I’ll let you know if I was able to wing it 🙂

Magazine scans are properties of Hudie.Com

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