MatsuJun in the October issue of Potato Magazine

There are days when you feel like nothing in going right.
You have three (ad) copies due for lay out and presentation…
You must schedule three new PR companies for pitching…

…and oh, you must see through three pending projects until completion.

Living like this has a way of draining any energy life-source.

That is until you open your friendly TokyoJam site and started looking for new magazine issues.
And then you saw it. And then, you saw him.

my Hubby from the alternate universe: Jun Matsumoto

My hubby chanced upon this blog post and proceeded to tease me non-stop about my MatsuJun (as my LEGAL and TRUE hubby, he has automatic bashing rights on my hubby from the ALTERNATE universe). After laughing for like ten minutes on the weird poses, he asked the question: Why is it called Potato Magazine? Somehow, he envisioned a half-buried Jun Matsumoto with roots sticking out from a freshly-dug earth… A literal “potato”. Anyway, after shooing him and ensuring he will leave me in peace, I then heard him from the other room dubbing Jun as the “king of french fries, mashed potato, etc”…

The man I married and pledged forever to, ladies and gentlemen…

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, on the beauty present in the pages of Potato Magazine. Here are his other pics for your reading pleasure:

he is ADORABLE!!!

The current issue of Potato is field with all Johnny’s goodies. Aside from Jun Matsumoto and his boys from Arashi, there were tons of pics from KATTUN, NEWS, Kis-My-Ft2, Hey! Say! JUMP, BI Shadow and even IKUTA TOMA. If your idea of heaven is staring in the eyes of the Johnny Boys while plotting your way through Japan (to stalk more Johnnys I presume).

Anyway, did I said that Jun Matsumoto–as always is freaking adorable? He made me the otherwise boring day a lot more tolerable (thanks to that smile).

Want to see the boys for yourself? Go to Tokyo Jam, and enjoy.

* Magazine sourced from Tokyo Jam
Scans property of Hudie.Com

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    so why is it called “potato magazine”? and i’m sorry, but i thought what your real and legal hubby said was quite funny: “king of french fries…” hehe…gomen…and thanks for the matsujun pics!

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