Vacation, schmation…!

And so it has come to pass that the much anticipated and much trumpeted Singaporean adventure this December is not happening at all.


Blame it on the lack of funds, my failure to purchase airline tickets as early as June or May; hubby’s annoying work sked and oh, did I say the lack of funds?

To think that this the time when the hubby and I badly needed a time to get away from the crazy life we lead in the city and prolly take a taste of a foreign city and a different culture. Things at the kaisha are not going well as I hoped, but as mentioned, I pretty much gave up on entertaining negative thoughts. So here I am, sauntering through life as if I do not have any problem in the world.

The current in thing nowadays are the so-called staycation, a portmanteau of the words “stay” and “vacation”. It’s having a vacation or your holiday right at home, a nearby resort or even a nearby hotel. I think the point here is to be away from the usual source of your aggravation and enjoying the time with family and friends. I’ve come across this term while racking my brains on how I can give the Hubby a fun day away from the usual worries without even making a dent in our monthly budget. Searched Mr. Google and voila! some ideas — and then I hear the bitchy part of me arguing against the idea:



Manila is rife with interesting places and historical areas, and as much as I love (and still dreams) of going through the back alleys of Binondo and Sta. Cruz to discover the quaint alleys with the well-touted Chinese restaurants, the fact that I’d be traveling and commuting and dealing with the traffic is something that ruins my mojo. One of my fondest dreams is to discover the local China Town (a dead ringer for HongKong’s bright lights!)…and I still have plans of making this a reality.

The hubby and I had plans to visit the Manila Ocean Park to see how it has been doing. You see, when we were still dating and constantly penniless, we used to spend time just sitting on the ocean front at the Luneta Park and just talk about stuff. We would buy some snacks and a can of Coke each and talk about mundane and deep stuff, like getting married, the latest on Superheroes, plans for the future, our families, the latest in rock music and before we know it, we’d be witnessing one of the prettiest sunsets ever. This love for sunsets (brought from the penniless dating during our struggling years) was one of the reasons why we chose to get married in a church facing the bay. The sad thing is, we noticed that as soon as we started earning money and having enough to pay for pricey dates, we have come to neglect our usual visits on the ocean front.

Hopefully, when we we move to our new home come next year we could do this. My hubby and I loved to cook and can you just imagine the endless possibilities of having our own cook off at home? And the endless possibilities thereafter…? (you may now wipe the silly grin off your face, you perv 🙂 )

Again, during our struggling years — the Hubby and I used to drop by Powerbooks, order a coffee each at their (now-defunct) Java Cafe and pile on the endless books and magazines that is available for browsing for bookstore patrons. We’d sit on the corner for hours, alternately drinking on our respective coffees and browsing on the reading materials. We seldom talk but we feel like we bond over our common love for reading. I also miss those days.

Writing this, I have come to realize that there is really no need for big chunks of moolah just to enjoy that rare free time with your family and friends. What is important is the company you keep and the little (yet special) memories that you share on that special day–whether you’re in Binondo or HongKong, San Francisco del Monte, QC or San Francisco, USA.

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