Still waiting for my Ultimate Diner Experience

I have a thing for diners. I love the tiled floors, the jukebox, the milkshakes and the thought of being served by waitresses on wheels.

Blame my being ultimately raised by American television–but I find diner movie scenes so interesting. I love the feeling of being served hot coffee by a surly yet endearing waitress (wadddayawannnnt??????), refiling coffee in the middle of breakfast, drizzling syrup on heaps on pancake, while it sits comfortably in between two eggs cooked sunny side up.

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as authentic diners in Manila. And if ever there is one, rest assured that the food is grossly overpriced and it is not as authentic as the one I see in movies. Anyway, there is a great diner somewhere in Burgos, Makati – complete with Elvis memorabilia and old posters. Unfortunately, the food is not only effing expensive but its location (being in the middle of the pick-up zone) also assures us that most of our co-diners were all foreigners from various countries, accompanied by their Filipina girlfriends who were all dressed up like as if we are in the height of fabric shortage. If you are lucky, you will be treated to an execrable display of PDA in between your milk shake and your all day breakfast fare.

Anyway, so when this new restaurant opened at Greenbelt 5 and was touted on the blogosphere as having taking its inspiration from American diners of yore–naturally I was curious. After so many planning (without anything happening at all) — I finally got to eat at Mr. Jones (the aforementioned restaurant) courtesy of my Unnichan (the Queen).

We got The Threesome: three different salads in ice cream glasses. The salads were macaroni salad, cabbage slaw and egg salad. It was to die for!

And oh, my date for the night was The Queen who I have not been seeing for the longest time these past few days due to work concerns.

The Queen, meanwhile ordered the biggest fish and chips! We were already full yet we still didn’t stop from eating:

We finally gave up on the fish and chips when it was almost half of the order. For drinks we had Coke Light which they costs a good PHP90 per piece.

So what can I say about Mr. Jones?

1. Big servings
2. Ambiance is good!

1. The waiters all looked like they were upset or something. They are not entirely rude yet they rarely smiled and looked like they couldn’t care less that there were customers.

2. Too expensive!!! A 12-oz Coke costs 90 bucks! In spite my love for excess, I know that’s simply too much.

Anyway, I will still go back to Mr. Jones…until I have my ultimate diner experience!

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