Is greed evil?

Is greed a good thing?

As mentioned by one government official on the height of one of the corruption scandals during the government of former President Arroyo: “Moderate your greed…”

For me, there’s a distinct different between greed and hunger. One could be hungry for love, for success, for recognition, for life, for music, for achievements and still come out human after satiating this hunger. But, when one gets greedy–one forgets to be human. All he sees is the object he covets and nothing else.

I am so raring to see “Wall Street 2: Money Talks”. Maybe because I am fascinated with so much money and so much wealth that can be easily accessible to someone when he wants it. I personally know people who lost their humanity when they became rich. It’s like losing a part of your soul and not missing it at all.

I find it scary when one is governed with so much material things and bank notes. Only the resolute few wouldn’t be fazed with the glitter of gold or the flash of money. I myself go crazy sometimes just imagining what would I do with all that cash when I win the lottery or accidentally come across PHP1 Million! Of course, my mind was reeling from the thoughts of too many shoes and bags and clothes I’d have. And the countries I’d effing visit! Oh, my passport would be so busy!

But sometimes, I also get scared–just thinking of the person who should I get to be effing rich. I don’t think I’ll like her at all…

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