A sign of things to come?

There are bad days, and there are days when nothing seemed to go right at all.

These past few days, everything seemed like a day in hell. I wish I could post great things everyday. That each post would be carefree and that I could talk ceaselessly on fashion, anything kawaii, my pretty boy fixations and maybe even write a short story or two. But not everyday could it be about me and my carefree world. Sometimes, it has to be about reality…about life, as we know it.

Unfortunately, recently–nothing is going right for me. I’ve been miserable since Monday and my self-esteem is at its all time low. I have lots of plans…and just when I was starting to make something out of my miserable existence, things–rather, SHIT HAPPENS.

Nothing is going right for me since September:

My dream to enrol for my masterals this month didn’t push thru due to some shit about document requirements. I literally saw my dream of attaining higher education get flushed down the drain right before my eyes.

Then, there are some issues we are currently dealing with now–professionally that I’d rather not divulge. I feel like I am being pushed off a cliff and I am blindfolded and I don’t know when I’m gonna be pushed off the cliff.

Life is not going well for me these past few days. But like always, I am not really losing hope. I am thinking of approaching it one day at a time. I try not to be too negative cos negativity usually gets the best of me.

At the end of the day, prayer helps.

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