Friends…not officemates

As mentioned before, I have been working to close to ten years now. Out of those ten years, I was employed in about eight companies. Out of these companies, it didn’t really mattered if I stayed for a year or three years (the longest) but I still managed to find people who I came to regard and value not only as office mates but as friends.

You see, I am not actually the easiest person to be friends with–I have an attitude (I have no problem admitting that); a bit weird (due to my preferences and interests) and pretty much bitchy the rest of the day, especially if I don’t have my morning coffee.

So, I am thankful that I still get to meet people who like me for who I was and not just because I have a tendency to really be sugary sweet once I get to know someone.

But my tendency to stray and leave once I feel it’s time to move on has made me iffy when it comes to friendships. I really take it hard when I say goodbye to people. I hate goodbyes. I hate leaving good friends behind and I find it heartbreaking when you say goodbye to someone you spent eight hours a day with. I have a tendency to be attached to people and places, so during the third time I decided to quit on a job–I vowed never to be too trusting and too open with people.

Of course, as expected I failed miserably and even till this day–found it hard that I get to meet people who made an impact to my life and who, I will eventually had to say goodbye in search of the greener pasture and/or the better career.

Take my instance, my current work. I’ve always thought that working with six girls, with varying attitudes, interests and personalities is hell on earth personified. Not to mention that they can be bitchy (imagine dealing with PMS six times), noisy, ruled often times by emotions and sees other girls as competition. My team is all these and more–but with one year of working with them, I can see that they’re one of the coolest girls I met in my life.

But what can you do when you’ve come to love your team?

the girls of creatives: kamikazeegirl, LR, MR, NM, LT -- and sitting, SF
the team with our Creatives Manager, T.
the girls with I. (2nd from right)

My team had so much issue in the past that getting to work is like being on-set on a noon time drama. There were so much bitching, cat fighting and bickering that you would think we were running for Ms. Negativity or something. But you know, we learned to go past all that shit and understand the quirks that made each and everyone human.

I can prolly say that one of the things that made me love my work is the presence of the girls. They give me (the oldest) a fresh perspective on things and they have a way of keeping you grounded.

There were set-backs today that I won’t care to expound on: first, because it’s confidential and second, because it is not appropriate to divulge online.

But if there’s one thing that I would love to tell the girls (and which, I would never say it to their face) — it’s I have the utmost pleasure of working with all of you. Each and everyone of you made the team waaay cooler than it actually was. I hope you will continue to harness the talent and skills that you have. Never let anyone say that you are not good with what you do — because you were simply the best.

Sometimes I wish the word and the notion of “goodbyes” do not exist at all because it’s something I am not really good at.

I hate goodbyes — always have, always will.

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  1. Anna says:

    Correct, I hate goodbyes too..

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