Three new outfit ideas for less than a dollar!

I was on my way home tonight when I passed by my favorite thrift shop. I had no intentions of buying anything because I am trying to save money. Noticing that they have the “New Arrivals” sign out, I decided to just look around–knowing I tend not buy anything at all during its “new arrival” season since the clothes tend to be more expensive.

True enough, I can’t find anything to my liking. I was about to go home when I decided to pass by the “Bargain” racks where clothes sell for P35 each (around $.90) or about PHP100 for three clothes ($2 for 3 pcs).

Most of the clothes were a bit on the old and outdated side — or badly damaged at least. But while perusing a rack full of 80s styled dresses — I found this:

bohemian styled short dress (bought for $.90)

I’ve always loved anything bohemian (La Vie Boheme!) and my Hubby adores me when I wear hippie-styled/boho chic clothing. So, a light switched immediately flicked in my head and I figured that all this outfit needs is this:

boater hat

and this…

and we have these…

Or maybe, instead of boots, we can opt for white wedges and go the girly-girl boho look:

The dress might look too green on screen, but I assure you it’s the color of adorable apple green with wicked detailing. When I saw this dress, it has a lace detailing on the neck which was already starting to unravel…so what I did was to completely remove the lace detailing and save the dress from a future of being forgotten on the bargain racks.

Also spotted surrounded by miserable-looking coats and long-sleeved shirts is this military-inspired white coat from Izod. (Also scored for $.90).

thrifted military inspired jacket from Izod. Scored for only $.90!

The white jacket is a bit dirty from lack of laundry and seriously in need of a good soak on whitening powder and bleach. The jacket would look amazing if worn based on the following pegs:

third outfit from left: imagine the white jacket, long t-shirt in washed out gray, black tights and insane boots. a good newsboy hat sounds good also! (peg from Nylon Mag)

Last is this amazing long-sleeved top which can be worth with pants, shorts and skirts even. I adored the gold polka dot pattern and it reminded me of the cool polka dots sold by CDG (Commes de Garcons). I love the gold details: the aforementioned polka dots and the gold stitching on its neck.

adorable top for $.90

I really needed to give all three a good soak in hot water, then bleach then a combination of detergent and bleach to ensure that all germs were removed. I am so excited to wear all three. Will make sure I post outfit shots as soon as I have ’em…

Thank God for curiosity — otherwise, I won’t get to buy these amazing pieces!

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