Nothing beats the smell of….paper :-)

I think I mentioned before that I have a huge notebook addiction. I maintain (or try to write) at least 3-4 notebooks at any given time. This is not including my planners (I have two actually–one from my previous job which I use for work and my Belle Du Jour planner which I use for whatever).

If you ever come inside my our room (seeing that yes, of course — I am already married), the first thing you’ll notice is that there are paper (lots and lots) of it on every corner of the room — there is a stack of magazines on one side; various Asian publications in another; selected books on the corner table and my pile of notebooks (used, half-used and unused) on another side.
You could probably declare me as a fire hazard seeing my addiction to paper.

For a few months now, I’ve been using all these notebooks at the same time: an unruled Dawler & Ross in black hardbound used as a sketchpad; a cute notebook with Asian inspired art for my Japanese lessons; a cheap one with the image of a black cat on the cover for work and a hardbound journal given by my good friend F.

In my cabinet, I still have an unused pink and black notebook which I am saving for god-knows-what.

my current notebooks: the black and pink unused one; my newly bought jordi labanda; my first ever jordi labanda (bought 2003); journal from F and my nihonggo test notebook (missing: sketch notebook)

So–you could probably say that I have an addiction to notebooks and I can’t seem to stop buying one each time I set foot in Fully Booked, Powerbooks, Bibliarch and even at National Bookstore.

Yesterday, the Hubby surprised me with another one from my favorite line of notebooks by Miquelrius, with illustrations from my favorite, JORDI LABANDA

i love the detailing on the inside cover!
my favorite part of the noteboook: Jordi's signature!

You could probably say I am spoiled little chubby girl. In our 10 year relationship, I’ve had 3 Jordi Labandas from him (other notebooks were of other brands). I posted a picture of my first ever Jordi Labanda and the newest. The second one (in blue and illustrated with the image of a girl and her enormous eyes) is currently missing on the stacks and stacks of old stuff which I dare not open.

the first and (hopefully not) the last of my Jordi Labanda notebooks
my 7 year-old Jordi Labanda notebook's age is showing

My first ever Jordi Labanda notebook is a testament to my struggles while working as a reporter. The notebook also contains all the hateful thoughts I had when the Hubby and I broke up and during the dark days of our relationship. I can’t even believe that the notebook has stayed with me so long and I intend to keep it that way.

Some people might find pleasure in drugs, alcohol, expensive clothes and shoes — me, my drug of choice are my notebooks. Call me weird but nothing gives me great (wholesome) pleasure than writing on a fresh page, the smell of a new notebook mixed with that of a good fountain pen (try the PHP88 variety at Saizen), its nub scratching lightly on the paper’s surface…

Excuse me while I shoot up more ink 🙂

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