Jay Chou stirs up the Hornet’s nest

Pardon the cheesy title, I couldn’t help it.
The prince of Mando-Pop, Jay Chou says hello to international stardom with his role as “Kato” on “The Green Hornet” with comedian Seth Rogen.

Never mind about Seth Rogen’s weight loss and his departure from the comedy route– but Jay Chou (my Jay Chou) looks so amazing and so endearing as the brainy and gutsy Kato (played by the legendary Bruce Lee in the 60s).

The movie was originally slated for a July 2010 release but was moved back to January 2011 to give way for its 3D version. Even though the movie is yet to be shown, there is already strong pressure for Jay Chou to live up to the lofty standards set by Bruce Lee (of course, we’re talking about the legend Bruce Lee here!)

Just to show how good the original Kato was — see this:

I think Jay should be given a chance to prove his capabilities especially since this is his first movie in Hollywood. This early, there has been a lot of haters for “The Green Hornet” but the movie is still due to be shown 2 months from now. I say we give Seth and Jay a chance.

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