Kwon Sang Woo does damage control…

…cos he has a new drama!

Korea’s former pretty boy and number one idol Kwon Sang Woo asked for forgiveness for his June fender-bender.

In a report from Popseoul, the actor was quoted to have asked for apology for the hit and run, saying that he wasn’t a good example. KSW was quoted for this statement during the presscon for his new drama “Dae Mul” (SBS).

In spite the apology, the netizens weren’t amused. Some even went as far as saying that KSW was doing damage control in time for his new drama.

Is it just me or Kwon Sang Woo, former poster boy and penultimate Korean heart throb, has turned boring following his plunge into married life. Is it really like that? Does getting married for him spelled the kiss of dead. No one can deny that KSW’s star power dimmed…and his past dramas no longer rated as much as before.

In an era where more and more talented and breathtaking young actors are emerging (*cough*Jang Geun Suk*cough*), and more and more idols discovered each day, where does maturing former hart throbs place themselves? Especially if their past outings were ok at best?

God knows I wanted KSW to get his mojo back. After all, I was one of the million fan girls who developed instant fascination with him when he starred in “Stairway to Heaven”. Not to mention, he was adorable in “My Tutor Friend”. So what went wrong?

I miss KSW–the actor and the heart throb. I wish he’d show up real soon. Not this person who makes flimsy excuses during drama promotion.

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    I’ll join in that cough…*cough*i love you*jang geun suk*cough*

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