Kamikazee Girl visits Vanity Fair

This afternoon, I attended the Vanity Fair, a beauty, health and wellness expo held at the Skydome, SM North EDSA and organized by PMP Communications.

Actually, I was attending the event on two counts: in behalf of my company and as a blogger who is actually interested to see the latest in beauty and health (these two things being on top of my current concerns).

Kamikazee girl with Patrick, PMP Communications honcho

My company was the event’s co-presentor, and thus I am assigned to be a resource person for the company. The idea was to let people know of our product and to promote our current campaign, newly launched and developed with the brand foremost in our mind. I was also carrying two large eco bags containing gift packs from the company which we intended as gifts to the beauty bloggers who kindly graced the program.

some of the materials from the new campaign

Anyway, this is also the same reason why the brand I promote and work for, nor any of its competitors were never and WILL NEVER be prominently mentioned here. Somehow, I’d like to develop an semblance of two identities between the corporate slave and the person who writes here. Never will I discuss their ingredients. its effects or anything that has to do with the product. If you have anything to ask me about my brand, I recommend you go to its website (www.mosbeau.com.ph)

So–as expected, I was tasked to promote the brand through a short talk which I will have to do ON STAGE, with AN AUDIENCE. As you can see, I am a very outgoing person but the presence of bright lights and strangers is enough to make me freeze up and cover my face in shame. Back during my reporter days, I would be the one who asks questions shyly, and would even try to pass the question or the mic to other persons. I would feign panic attacks just for the chance to pass on on the mic. This never happened today.

Nope, not singing! (wearing: Zara military inspired jacket, company shirt, thrifted harem pants and my Rockport boots)

The talk went on smoothly and I had fun during the mini games. By the time I was explaining the product to the audience, I was over the stage fright.

I also had the opportunity to be given a chance to try some products for review. I will mention them here as soon as I started using them!

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