Oh, and I thought it was 1884

As much as possible, I try to have this blog free of anything that involves politics. Cos you know politics is a very icky subject. I refuse to have anything to do with politics–especially in the Philippines when politicians were just a DNA-strain away from common pond scum.

But what bugs me more than politics is when the Church gives unsolicited advise on how the State should be run. For non-Filipino readers of this blog, the Philippines is considered a predominantly “Catholic” country and is said to be the only Catholic country in Asia. This was due to 300 years of Spanish rule where Filipinos were taught to respect and even take the word of the church as the “word of God”.

Anyway, obviously this was in the1800s.

Currently, the biggest issue here in the Philippines is the announcement of the President that he supports “informed” family planning–meaning, his government is supporting the use of artificial family planning methods. And apparently, the Church is frothing at the mouth and has threatened the President with effing excommunication. Oh wow, the last time I heard the word “excommunication” was during junior year in high school when I was required to read “Noli Me Tangere” (Noli Me Tangere or “Touch Me Not” is a nationalistic novel written by the Philippines’ national hero, Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal).

the original cover of Noli Me Tangere

I didn’t know that Padre Damaso was real.

I wish I have something nice to say about this issue. Good thing my mom doesn’t read my blog or she will freak out with the things I’ll say. She belongs to this Church-based organization and the word zealous isn’t even enough to describe her (try obsessed).

Anyway, I really think that the Church should butt out of issues that are of no relevance to their organization. There are what–91 Million Filipinos? And not everyone has an access to good education, proper living and health care and even opportunities. Urban areas are crowded and people are even living on bridges! And it’s not like the church doesn’t have problem of its own. Church attendance is dwindling and the flock is switching to other religions after being disillusioned by recent developments in the church.

As much as I treasure the moral guidance given by the clergy, I wish they’d take a step backwards and respect the government and the State. After all, it isn’t the 1800s anymore where they can easily scare people just by threats of excommunication and gloom and doom from the skies.

I salute the President for having the b@lls and to take a stand that any politician would label as the kiss of death (and that is why they’d rather have their b@lls cut rather than oppose the church). Instead of acting like its 1884, the Church should instead provide Filipinos with moral guidance while staying out of important legislation that could help this country improve.

Or unless they are all closet Padre Damasos…

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    I know! I agree completely! I’m not the anti-christ, but really…

  2. fizzywoohoo says:

    Do you know who Carlos Celdran is? That famous tourguide? Have you heard what happened to him? He was arrested for going inside the Manila Cathedral during a mass and holding up a placard that said “DAMASO”. He kept shouted at the bishops to not meddle in politics until he was escorted by police. He was even dressed in his usual “rizal garb”.

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