Another reason to love The Face Shop

Fan girls, here’s another reason to choose “Face” over “Body” đŸ™‚

Honestly, I’ve always loved “The Face Shop”, I’ve been patronizing this brand for four years already. And even on my broke days, I make it a point to ensure that I don’t run out of my Face Shop loot.

At the height of my The Face Shop addiction, even my tissues, wet wipes, cotton buds, nail polish, eye lash curler, soaps and even my hair brush were all from this brand. I am that addicted that a good part of my salary goes to this effective and impressive brand from South Korea.

I even had the “lunch box” style make-up kit splashed with Kwon Sang Woo’s face when it was launched as a promo material for purchases worth PHP2,500 up. Three years ago, most of my money go to stuff from The Face Shop.

Here’s my favorite products from this Korean beauty shop:

1. Changpo Magic Straight Shampoo and Conditioner – this shampoo and conditioner duo makes magic to my naturally wavy and stubborn hair. I spent a year accepting praises and raves on my straight hair, thanks to this product.

The Face Shop - Changpo Magic Straight (pic not my property)

2. Happy Blossom Oriental Flower Body Lotion – I love this lotion — not only does it leave my skin feeling silky and smooth, but also smelling so good. Not to mention that it doesn’t feel sticky like other lotions.

Happy Blossom Oriental Flower Body Lotion (courtesy of The Face Shop)

3. Professional Foundation – this foundation is my first ever grown up looking foundation. It lasted me more than 4 months and leaves a smooth finish to my face.

Professional Foundation

4. Quick and Clean Face Mild Emulsion – my go to formula in combating my excessively oily skin, prevents my skin from acne and minor break outs. I love that it leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean. I also use this as make-up remover for my tamad days.

Quick and Clean Face Mild Emulsion

5. Color Nuance Eye Shadow – one of my secrets for that “JPop/KPop” shiny eye look. I love that a simple splash on my eyes makes it pop and more expressive.

Color Nuance Eyeshadown in Pink

Doing this story made me miss my The Face Shop run days. Hmmmn…must drop by on the 30th, then?

All pictures (except picture 1) are from The Face Shop website

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