The Race is On!

So, one of my favorite shows ever — The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 has begun last night over at AXN Asia. As expected, I can’t wait to see who is representing my country (Philippine-pride, baby!) since my passport determines the team that I will be supporting.

In short, it’s gonna be Team PH, particularly Rich & Rich — though of course, I am also sending good vibes and prayers down Jess and Lani’s way.

TARA is one show that I never fail to catch since the first season. Obviously, my favorite was the team of Rovilson and Marc from TARA 2. These men ruled the whole race, always arriving first on the pit stops throughout the whole season–EXCEPT where it really matters, THE FINAL LEG. As we all know, these boys crashed and burned on the final challenge, giving the win to the slow but steady Singaporean team. The defeat of this alpha males proved, ladies and gentlemen, that there are instances where BRAINS go before BODY & BRAWN. The win by the Singaporeans was well-deserved considering Adrian and Colin raced fairly and steadily all throughout the season.

Anyway, in spite their heartbreaking loss, Marc and Rovilson moved on to having a regional career, even hosting a male lifestyle show at AXN-Asia. They proceeded also to becoming the most recognized among all other racers who competed on all TARA seasons.

Moving on this season: as always, (and as mentioned earlier) my favorite was the two hunks from the Philippines, Richard & Richard — for obvious reasons. A close second would be the father and daughter team of Hussein & Natasha from INDONESIA. (Go Philippines! Go Indonesia!) Maybe because I am such a big daddy’s girl and I like the dynamics of this team. I almost cried when Natasha broke down at the pit stop after thinking that they were the last team to arrive (they weren’t) mainly it’s her fault at the first place for their lackluster finish. Incidentally, Hussein & Natasha were the first father and daughter team in the history of Amazing Race Asia. A distant third would be the cool and pretty ladies from Singapore, Claire and Michelle.

Being an avid traveler who doesn’t mind having the adventure of a lifetime (which to me is the whole point of joining TARA. Yeah, the money is sweet but what could be more sweeter than visiting tons of countries and gaining insights and experiences to foreign culture) — one of my fondest dreams is to be part of The Amazing Race Asia.

Yeah, I may currently resemble a rolled choconut and may have weight the equivalent of all three lady racers squished together but I know I can run, jump, crawl and maybe even bleed to death if this will mean that I will be part of this amazing adventure. I am clumsy, often times uncoordinated and is usually lacks sense of direction. I also hated it when I am exposed for the clown that I usually am or embarrassed in public–also known as the inevitable when you are being filmed in the middle of a highly-charged race

But yeah, I am willing to do that. Very much willing.

In my mind, I kept a checklist.

1. Race Buddy – check. Could be The Queen who spends time climbing mountains; The Hubby who often times bring out the best in me — or maybe even my good friend Lou who is an outdoor junkie

2. Health & Fitness – check. 24/7 on the treadmill and the gym. Do not eat, if possible so I’ll lose the (many) unwanted pounds

3. International driving license – hmmmmn…I could take a crash course on driving, then wing it.

4. Diplomatic documents – check.

5. Review all past seasons so I could know what to expect.




Houston, we have a problem.

Reptiles. Specifically EFFING Snakes. (shuddering while typing)

Got. A. Big. Phobia. As. In. Deadly. Phobia.

I could just imagine my cool self walking into the next Race Club Box, pulling out the clue and figuring out that the next challenge is to do the tango or spend 5 minutes (hell, make it even 5 seconds) inside a snake’s cage.

I will drop dead. As in, I will die.

And so, in just 5 seconds, I have decided that joining the race isn’t exactly my forte. I’ll be happier (and more alive) seeing it on the comfort of my living room.

Away from reptiles.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ivy says:

    The Amazing Race is my dream reality show to join! πŸ™‚ Guess I’ll see you at the pitstops? Hehe

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      …or maybe we could team up? πŸ™‚
      Just promise me, you’d handle the snakey things…

      1. Ivy says:

        Oh, you drive (cause I can’t, yet, haha)… I’ll eat the crunchy worms, swim in the ocean and play tag with the exotic reptiles. πŸ˜‰

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