Meet Rachelle Berry’s new nemesis!


Here’s the well-received and highly anticipated first episode of the 2nd Season of Glee, featuring the character Sunshine Corazon (played by Charice). There is nothing more to add on the millions of accolades and praises given to Charice by Filipinos and non-Filipinos.

She really truly made the Philippines proud. And I wish her more success on the world stage. That kind of voice should be heard worldwide.

…and oh, for Charice haters out there–I quote the great Sue Sylvester, “SHUT UP!!!”


Posted: June 23, 2010

Rachelle Berry, the Queen of the William McKinley High School Glee Club, has a new nemesis:


Finally, after much hyped and even a leaked story about a month ago, Charice Pempengco (the current pride of the Philippines) is joining the hottest show on TV (well, after True Blood).

Charice will play the role of an exchange student (hopefully, from the Philippines) who will threaten the singing sensibilities of Queen Bee of Glee, Rachelle.

Now, I am a big Glee fan and nothing can bring me much elation than the inclusion of a Pinoy talent in the show. Charice, the girl with the bad styling eons ago, has truly bloomed to be the next hottest thing in Hollywood. While many famous Filipino talents dared audition for Glee just to have a shot of international stardom, the role was handed out to Charice. Mind you, she wasn’t even THAT famous here in the Philippines. It really pays to be an internationally recognized star and the protege of music legend, David Forster and the US Queen of Talk, Oprah Winfrey.

With Charice’s inclusion, I am more excited for Glee’s upcoming seasons. I can’t wait how it’ll go when Charice and Rachelle Berry meet.

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