Let’s b*tch around, baby!

I came home from a gruelling and busy day at work at 12:45 AM–almost five hours after the usual time-out. I am as sleepy as hell, with tired and aching bones and this unmistakable annoyance credited to a person anyone would least suspect.

The best recourse actually is for me to just fall asleep, and take a rest and call it a day. Especially since I am tired, cranky and a bit hungry. But I’d like to take this opportunity to b*tch and whine so…pardon me, I guess?

1. I hate contact centres’ office hours, especially if it involves my husband. What gives with the weird hours you keep? And why does my Hubby to work long hours? I know I have the answer somewhere, but I just want to bemoan the fact that I seldom see my husband and I have no one to listen to me rant except the readers of this blog

2. What’s the deal with last minute job requisites and deliverables anyway? Do they really think that we thrive under pressure. DUH. I don’t think so.

3. And why is most of Manila’s taxi interiors dirty, smell funny and have weird crumbs/patterns on it. One thing I hate the most is having to smell the weird funky smell once you boarded the cab. You pray to high heavens that the taxi has a good AC and they will crank up the AC to diffuse the weird smell.

4. What bums me out completely is being in awe of someone yet seeing the chinks in the armour develop. Apparently, no one is that perfect.

5. Crazy people who finds delight and specializes in torturing other people should be given requisite tooth extractions minus the anesthesia.

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