2NE1 to hit US iTunes charts?

Wowza! To think the girls have staged their comeback just recently.

Based from recent reports from Popseoul (the go-to place for all things K-Pop!), my bad-ass girls were already rocking the US and Canada iTunes Charts. In fact, they ranked #2 in the US charts, the highest from any Korean act. (See ranking here)

In my opinion, no other girl group deserves global recognition than 2NE1–they are fresh, sassy, fashionable, edgy without dripping with the syrupy drivel that is usually present among other acts. (For the record, I highlighted the words, “In my opinion” to stress a point. I don’t have the time nor the patience to deal with crazy fangirls and haters. And this being my blog, I would of course fly the flag of MY FAVORITES and not just some random girl group)

SIDE BAR: I mentioned this because I had a good friend (a really nice girl in fact) who is also blogging who received fanatical messages from one crazy fangirl who frothed at the mouth upon mention of her favorite idol group. My friend was a nice girl who simply and graciously chucked the comment to experience. But I seriously think that crazy girls like these needed to get an effing life

Anyway, where were we? Oh–back to 2NE1. I think 2NE1 best represents the fashionably edgy, talented Asian woman. They refused to be type casted in one nifty mold. In my opinion, CL is too talented for her own good sometimes. D@mn, this woman is sooo hot and sooo edgy, she belongs to the world stage. And yeah, I blogged about how Minzy is growing up to be a pretty and sexy young woman. And she dances really hella good.

With a comeback as powerful as this, the only thing missing is a concert here in the Philippines. Hey, producers—anyone–invest in one good and rocking show. Bring 2nE1 in Manila!!!

…Hmmmmn, maybe I should start a petition?

3 Replies to “2NE1 to hit US iTunes charts?”

  1. *ehem* I haven’t told you yet that I wrote her again right? (this was just last weekend) I wanted to tell her that her idol group’s concert will be shown this weekend on tvN–I wasn’t sure what her cable is so I wanted to give her the heads up. I’m so nice no? haha! She wrote back! But I fear you’ll hate her even more…and hate me even more for being so effing nice once you hear her reply! haha! Would you like to guess what she said? I think it was just 2 or 3 sentences. =)

    1. hmn…so what did she said?
      i’d like to hear what she said… i dont hate you for being nice. I just wish that I am as nice as you!

      1. I said something like, “Hey. I’m not sure who your cable service provider is but I wanted to let you know that they’ll be showing an ss501 concert over at tvN this saturday at 8pm”. She wrote back saying something like, “I have destiny cable too. Yes I am aware. But thanks for reminding me”. It might not sound bad now but when I first read it, the lines “Yes, I am aware” came across as snooty to me…tipong nakataas pa ang kilay and all. haha! But I guess I should’ve known she would be aware of it if she’s part of the fan club and all. haha…there were no smileys kasi eh! =)

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