What’s in your bag?

One of the fast-rising sensations in Japan’s social networking scene is “In My Bag” , a social network that defines people by the contents of their bags. In My Bag allows users to create profiles led by a large image of their bag-filling paraphernalia, so that other users can find out what products and devices they themselves might like to have. (SOURCE)

I don’t know if this will succeed, but it sure does look interesting. Through the bag contents, you will see that there are stuff that are common for people of the same profession. The contents of the bag provide a glimpse to the personality of its owner/s. There are a myriad of bags–regardless of brands or styles or colors.

Inspired by this site, I took a picture of my bag and its contents:

BAG OWNER: Writer/Publicist/OL (office lady)
Brand: Marks & Spencer

Belle du Jour Power Planner
Daler Rowney Sketch Book
Unlined notebook
(why I have 3 notebooks in my bag, I have no idea!)
Japanese at a Glance (Phrase Book)
Bangkok-bought coin purse
house key
Baby Bench Hand Sanitizer
Kashieca Beautiful Body Cologne Spritz
Samsung Softbank Mobile Phone
Team Manila camera case
Wallet (from Abu Dhabi)
Cartoon pencil case containing 2 pcs pencil, 1 calligraphy pen, 1 eraser and 1 sharpener
Make-up Kit

My bag weights a ton and can really crack your spine and shoulder blades if you didn’t help yourself. I really should lessen its load but the thought of forgetting something at home is not something I’d like to risk. So,I’d rather lug around my 10 kilo bag than forget anything at home

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