My cool, hot older guy

Since time immemorial, my target market (when I was still unattached) has always been guys a bit younger than me. I don’t know, maybe it’s the fact that I look a lot younger for my age. I always get attracted to guys that are younger than me–as older, much experienced guys don’t bring that much appeal.

Look at my string of pretty boy fixations:

Jun Matsumoto, 27 years old
Ikuta Toma, 26 years old
Haruma Miura, 20 (!!!!) years old
Jung Yong Hwa, 21 years old

Even in real life, most of the guys I’ve dated were younger than me. The oldest is the same age as me, while the youngest is even a lot younger than my sister (who was 3 years younger than me). In the end, I got married to my Hubby, 2 years younger than me but a lot, lot more matured in terms of outlook and views in life. I am a sucker for the sensitive, vulnerable, artistic, boy next door types. I easily get hooked by “awww-shucks” smiles and the rawness and rebelliousness of youth. These are the same things that made me all madly in love with The Hubby.

But recently (not that recent actually), I finally have my cool and HOT old guy crush. The hubby knows I am so in awe of this person:

Anthony Michael Bourdain, 54 years old

Anthony Bourdain is the hottest chef currently on TV. My love for cooking and the culinary arts follows that I have my share of favorite chefs–first, of course is Anthony Bourdain, then Gordon Ramsay. I used to like Bobby Flay but I find his recent shows boring (like “Throwdown” — what the eff was that?)

Anyway, the thing I liked best with Tony is his sense of humor and rebelliousness that is the complete anti-thesis of the cheesy TV persona that is usually present on TV chefs (*cough*Rachelle Ray*cough*). His shows, “No Reservations” and “A Cooks Tour” provided viewers not only a glimpse of different countries-some of which I won’t even see in my lifetime.

In this interview published at The Hollywood Reporter, Tony talks about the reality brought by reality TV.

There is no dude who is over 40 years old that is even much much cooler than Anthony Bourdain. (Well, maybe except my dad). So, bring in the older guys–that would be really, really cool.

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