Masteral woes and blues

I never thought that going back to school could be so hard.
As I’ve probably mentioned before, I am in the middle of processing my requirements for my Masteral class. I decided to go back to school after securing the blessings of my other half.

So anyway, for today I decided to finally settle the issue on the missing transcript of records. You see, I graduate university 10 years ago and in the course of the time period between getting on the stage and graduating, to finally finding my niche in my career–I managed to lose that one important document.

Suffice to say, while shuttling between floors and trying to complete my clearance prior to getting the transcript, I kept asking myself, why I even dared attempt to go back to school. The things I used to do when I was 17 like shuffling for clearance, dealing with annoying cashiers (Didn’t I already wrote about annoying cashiers with no spare change or in my university’s case NO COPY OF OR on their windows–had to get it to the guard), and apathetic school personnel doesn’t sit well anymore with my jaded ass.

Finally–after a stressful hour shuffling to and fro, I completed clearance and was ready to submit it to the Records office so that I can get my new copy of my transcript of records:

transcript application

I finished in time for a quick visit to Graduate School to try pass my requirements. This is where the story turns hellish. I arrived to an empty office (where employees where rushing out to do whatever) — save for the “boss” (I think) who was yakking on the phone for like centuries. Apparently, she was busy talking about insurance to the person on the other line. after like 30 minutes (yes, I counted) she finally finished her conversation and motioned for me to enter the office.

I asked if I can be allowed to apply for examinations (for the MA) — even if my transcripts are being processed — the registrar refused to hear me out and reiterated that I submit the transcript as it will prove that I graduated. I offered to show my diploma–no, she says, that will not suffice. The diploma will not prove that I completed the course.

What the f@ck, woman? Last time I heard, diplomas are proof enough that I graduated from THIS school, the same university that I am applying for. She advised that I look for a copy of the TOR or else, I will have to wait another sem to apply for my Masterals. She showed no sympathy (not that I asked for it) for my excuses. A part of me wanted to believe that she is effing raring to go back to her phone conversation.

To cut the story short–I have yet to finalize copy of my application for Masterals and my chance for further education hangs in a balance, no thanks to my missing TOR.

I hated unsympathetic old crones who spend office hours yakking over the phone with her insurance agent. I hate the fact that the TOR got lost. I hate the fact that I am running out of time. I hate the fact that enthusiasm is not enough to begin further education.

Most importantly, I hated the fact that I am willing to study and spend for it–but good old Pinoy inefficiency and lackadaisical attitude is making it hard for me.

Oh God, please pray for me. I hope I make it this sem. I don’t want to lose this enthusiasm.

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