Jun Matsumoto looks so yummy here…

That, my friends, is a promotional picture for MatsuJun’s latest drama, “Natsu no Koi ha Nijiiro ni Kagayaku”, where he stars together with the very lucky Takeuchi Yuko.

The drama is set to air its final episode on September 20 and boasts of a superstar line-up on its final airing (see reports here at TokyoHive)

Let’s talk later about the drama. Instead, let’s discuss the finer points of how my MatsuJun looks so delish and so heartbreaking in this pic. I’ve been staring on this picture for a good 3 minutes before I had the brilliant idea of posting it here.

You see, as much as I would be willing to give away my spleen and my right kidney for the chance to meet and spend 10 minutes in the same room with my MatsuJun, I have come to a scary conclusion (these past months) that the man who has the power to reduce me to green tea flavored jello is getting thinner and thinner. Surely, the weight loss and that scary looking wavy long hair (he has been sporting a few months back) is affecting his “hearthrobility” (wtf? a new word?) I–ONE OF HIS MOST RABID FANS–even hated how he looked after “Smile” wrapped. After all, I fell in love with the MatsuJun of the “Sawada Shin” era–arguably one of his most delish moments.

And this picture, my friends, proved how much of a dream he is. Danged, I am tempted to do magic on photoshop and exchange my face to that of Yuko’s!

Oh–that’s a great idea…

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