Or maybe…

It’s hard to type when your primary hand (I’m a rightie) hurts. I banged my right hand while trying to extract my wallet on the small space we have for our bags. So right now I am trying to function with an aching hand. Add to that list of misery is the usual chest pain (hello, best friend) I am trying to determine if it’s due to the caffeine overload I’ve been having these past few days or if its due to the internal rave that I’ve been hosting inside my tiny pathetic heart. I’ve been trying to drown myself in water to temper the pain.

I am beginning to pity this space. It seems this is beginning to be my dumping ground for all things that bring me misery. And so far, September refuses to go down without a fight in my book.

Aside from the emotional turmoil, the professional worries, as well as financial difficulties.

For what it’s worth–these are the things I want to say (please see above). I hope he hears it.

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