If only there’s a light switch…

..for emotions which you can turn off or turn on based on what you please.
This is what I was thinking about earlier, so thinking lead to doodling — which eventually resulted to this:

drew this during a lull period earlier

I was bored as hell earlier and still melancholic. This was the result of the endless pouting which I think increased my lower lip size to 10% This week has been very “dramatic” for me and this is the best way that I know how to remind myself in terms of reigning my emotions. My officemate and friend, “S” took this picture.

I kinda loved it.

And so, the universe does know how to send signals. Look what I’ve found at the internet:

I really needed to say what I feel sometimes. It’s not helping me at all! This piece of artwork is called “My Dishonest Heart” by renowned artist Audrey Kawasaki. She is recognized for magnificent oil paintings and drawings done on wood. The piece above is an example.


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